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Ibrahim Abiodun Chatta who’s popularly known as Ibrahim Chatta is an exceptionally talented actor, singer and filmmaker in his 50s.

Chatta is regarded as one of the “Best Actors” in the Yoruba movie industry. This is due to his versatility in role interpretation. He has been acting since 1985 and has starred and produced scores of movies. Also, he’s the voice behind most soundtracks in movies and has also released over 100 songs. 

Despite being a Tapa Descent, Chatta’s strong command of the English and Yoruba Language is astonishing. He’s well-rooted in the culture and tradition of the Yorubas and displays his skills by uttering powerful proverbs and axioms.

Ibrahim Chatta is 52 and still looks very handsome. That’s why he often plays romantic movies. Ibrahim is professional at what he does. Severally, he has been criticized for sharing romantic moments with actresses on movie sets despite being married to Leezy Perry.

Apart from romantic movies, he also blends well in African epic Yoruba movies. He’s an all-round actor who receives accolades from his colleagues and fans.

But despite their adoration, he’s rarely recognized for awards by organizers despite having a lifelong career that spans for 37 years.

Ibrahim Chatta starred in Femi Adebayo blockbuster African Epic Movie, Ageshikole(King Of Thieves) alongside Odunlade Adekola and was also in Femi Adebayo’s Netflix Original’s Film, Jagun Jagun.

Ibrahim Chatta on a movie set with Jisola, Left, and Jumoke Odetola, Right

During the AMVCA in May 2023, he wasn’t nominated nor was invited for the Award. This triggered reactions among movie lovers and colleagues in the Yoruba genre of Nollywood as they questioned why Chatta, an actor this good in his craft, didn’t get a nomination or an invitation for the Award.

During Chatta’s interview with R on June 4, 2023, he said despite accolades and recognition trailing his acting career, he didn’t understand why organizers of awards such as AMVCA didn’t consider his craft worthy of nomination.

Ibrahim Chatta affirmed it’s surprising how some of his colleagues who rate him as one of the most talented actors would get an invite and nomination for awards but he won’t get. 

However, he noted that it will not deter him from being focused or continuously doing his best in his craft.

Apart from being very talented and influential, he’s also a very successful actor. Among his fleet of cars is the Chevrolet Camaro which cost from $28,620 to $85,180.

Ibrahim Chatta in his white Chevrolet Camaro

Ibrahim Chatta reportedly lives in a beautiful house in Ibadan with his family and also owns a beautiful film resort center, Africhatta Film Village and Resorts in Oyo. It’s a beautiful natural resort he started in 2022 and is still undergoing construction. Chatta is worth $500,000.

Over the years, Chatta has been involved in a series of marriage scandals as he was accused of domestic violence and assault. He’s reportedly in his 3rd marriage and many have assumed over the years that these controversies as in one or the way affected his fame.

Chatta has signed several endorsement deals with brands ranging from real estate to fashion, beverage and skincare. Indeed, he has done well and is still doing well for himself. 


Ibrahim Abiodun Chatta was born on October 13, 1970 in Bachita, Edu Local Government Area of Kwara State. His mother is from Modakeke in Osun State.

Chatta of Tapa Descent(Nupe ethnic group). He attended Saint Bridget Catholic Primary School in Bachita and then proceeded to Government Secondary School. In his early years, he was characterized by unruly behaviors as he often fought and made troubles.

Due to that, he had to relocate to Aggiea, another Nupe Tribe in Nigeria where he continued with his secondary education, but later dropped out. Since then, he has educated himself through online programs. He is very fluent in the English Language. 

Ibrahim Chatta has also been passionate about acting and often loves to attend stage plays when theatre practitioners like Duro Ladipo, Adebayo Salami(Oga Bello), and Ray Eyiwumi(Baba Ray) come to his community.

In 1985, he joined Joseph Laoye(Uncle Joe) a product of Baba Ray and since then he has been consistent, featuring and producing scores of intriguing movies. 

What Happened To Ibrahim Chatta

In April 2023, he shared a post on Instagram where he was spotted with a hospital drip. Many thought he was sick or had an accident but the handsome actor noted that he’s on a movie set and that nothing is wrong with him. He also told his fans to stay safe 

On March 28, 2023, Chatta Ibrahim made headlines and sparked outrage after dropping a cryptic post where he said he was tired, noting that God should send him a helper. Although he didn’t say in specific what he was facing, many Nollywood stars got in touch with him and encouraged him.

How Old Is Ibrahim Chatta(What age Is Ibrahim Chatta?)

52 will be 53 on October 13, 2023.


Tapa Descent (Nupe Ethnic Group)

Is Ibrahim Chatta Married?(His Children)

Yes, he got married to Aisha Chatta aka Leezee Perry in 2016 and they are blessed with two children, Ahmad and Awwau Wuraola Chatta. He also had a son, Malik from his previous relationship with popular actress, Olayinka Solomon aka Ogo Solomon

Who Is Ibrahim Chatta Wife(Current Wife) /Photos

Aisha Chatta aka Leezee Perry. He celebrated her birthday on September 23, 2023. Chatta has come under criticism with the caption he used to celebrate his wife. It was a casual caption and didn’t sound like he was celebrating his wife. They urge him to do better with nice captions next time.

Left, Ibrahim Chatta’s wife, Right, Olayinka Solomon, Ibrahim’s former lover celebrated on Mother’s Day

Ibrahim Chatta and Olayinka Solomon(His First Wife)

Although they weren’t officially married in 2008 when they started living together the duo met in 2007. In a 2013 interview, Olayinka aka Ogo Mushin said he was the one that first deflowered her and that she has never dated anyone before.

Ibrahim Chatta with his son, Malik (Olayinka solomon’s son)

She added that she submitted herself to him hoping that when he has money, they could do proper introduction and other things but he was a womanizer, and a gold digger. 

She stated that he collected all the money in her account and when Chatta saw that she didn’t have money again, he started misbehaving. She further said he brought several women into their home. 

Olayinka noted that she first got pregnant in 2007 but due to the constant beating, she lost it, then she had another one in 2008 and gave birth in February 2009. She thanked God that her mother was alive otherwise she would have suffered. 

Solomon said 3 months after her baby’s naming ceremony he brought his girlfriend into their home and she cooked for him. She noted that his girlfriend slept in their guest house and Chatta promised that she would leave but weeks passed and she’s still in their home, and when she asked why, he started beating her. 

Ibrahim Chatta later debunked these allegations but they are now on good terms and are happily married to separate spouses.

How Many Wife Does Ibrahim Chatta Have?

He only has one wife.

Who Is Ibrahim Chatta Third Wife?

Chatta doesn’t have a third wife. He’s only married to Aisha Chatta

Has Ibrahim Chatta Won Any Awards?

He has won several awards but the popular one on the internet is the City People Movie Award for Best Actor Of The Year(Yoruba) in 2019.

Is Ibrahim Chatta Educated?(What Is The Education Level of Ibrahim Chatta?)

He dropped out of Secondary School in Aggiea, Niger State and has since then, he has educated himself through online courses.

According to, Chatta said sometime ago that when he was young, peer pressure greatly influenced him and he never thought education was so important.

Ibrahim Chatta Health Condition(His Accident)

Chatta is well and healthy. See his video on Wednesday, September 27, 2023, where he celebrated his birthday.

Ibrahim Chatta Latest News

Latest Movies 2023



Eni Olorun Mo with ex-lover, Olayinka Solomon


Omi Agbere


Eleda Eni

Ibrahim Chatta And Liz Da Silva 

Ibrahim and Liz starred in a romantic movie on July 31, 2022. They were loved up in the videos and photos and captioned their post, “LizChat2022”.

Many have speculated that they are about to get married but the Nollywood duo are not even giving their fans hints about what was happening between them. Nothing that serious though, they were on a movie set.

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