Peggy Ovire Age, Frederick Leonard, Husband, Biography, Child, Wedding, Origin, Old Photos

Peggy Ovire Age, Frederick Leonard, Husband, Biography, Child, Wedding, Origin, Old Photos

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Peggy Ovire who was formerly known as Peggy Enoho is a Nigerian model, filmmaker, Humanitarian, and Entrepreneur. She is well known for her hit movie, “Endless Love” with her husband, which hits 1 million views on her YouTube channel, Peggy Ovire TV on December 13, 2023.

The light-skinned actress is now referred to as Mrs Peggy Leonard, wife of Frederick Leonard, a popular Nigerian actor well known as Film Lord.

There’s so much to know and learn from the beautiful actress. How she joined Nollywood, the challenges she faced, how she first denied her relationship with Frederick in 2017, and her entrepreneurial spirit and humanitarian service. Sit back and enjoy your reading.

Peggy Ovire was born on October 21, 1985, in Surulere, Lagos State but hails from Ughelli Local Government Area.

She’s the last child in a family of 6. She lost her mother years ago and was single-handedly raised by her father. 

Peggy lived all her life in Lagos. Mrs. Leonard attended Itire Nursery and Primary School where she obtained her First School Leaving Certificate(FSLC), then proceeded to AUD Secondary School where she obtained her Senior Secondary School Certificate(SSCE).

The Nigerian model attended Delta State University but completed her tertiary education at Ambrose University where she bagged a bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance.

Mrs. Frederick Leonard’s modeling career started way back in the High Institution.

At Delta State University, she emerged as the Most Beautiful Girl on Campus in 2003. That paved the way for her modeling journey.

In 2005, she contested for Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria(MBGN) and became the third runner-up. 

She also won Miss Tourism Delta and contested for Miss Galaxy International which she won in 2007.

During her interview, she noted that she had planned to stop modeling to pursue other endeavors.

She emphasized building herself and exploring other sectors of life.

Peggy Ovire said winning Miss Galaxy International has given her a wider perspective on life and made her more coordinated.

She also said she was made the face of Nigerian and International brands like Bacchus Tonic Wine.

Peggy leveraged the opportunity to open a fashion store, Hubs Couture located at Ikota, Lagos in 2013. The fashion brand is now known as Peggy’s World.

Peggy’s World is located at No 1 Dream World Africana Way, Eleganza Bus Stop, Lekki, Lagos.

Peggy Ovire also initiated a Pet Project called “Help For The African Child” aimed at helping indigent children in rural areas.

In the same year, On October 21, on her birthday, she visited the orphanage home, “Sought After Children Orphanage”.

The entrepreneur said she wanted to celebrate her birthday differently so she took essential items to them.

She stated that she resonates with the orphanage children because she lost her mother years ago so she knows how it’s not to have a mother.

Peggy Ovire fashion store in Lekki, Lagos. In September 2021, she raised alarm on broadlight robbery at her store.

Ovire has also been passionate about acting. She was inspired by top actors like Ngozi Ezeonu, Nkem Owoh, and Angelina Jolie. 

She added that she loves to work with Nse Ikpe-Etim.

According to her, her first-ever movie was produced by Uche Nancy in 2013. She was introduced to Nollywood by a friend who has also been acting for years.

The light-skinned actress has been acting for 10 years and has appeared in over 150 movies playing romantic roles. She has also produced several movies. Her latest production was Father’s Day on June 10, 2023.

Her groundbreaking role in popular TV Series, Husbands of Lagos in 2015 shot her to the limelight. Peggy said she was on vacation when they called her for the movie shoot.

She won the “Most Promising Actress Of The Year” at the City People Entertainment Awards in 2015.

She affirmed that she was happy to be on the project, “Husbands of Lagos” adding that everywhere she goes across the world people often recognize her for her role as “Ego Oyibo”.

In 2013, she said she wasn’t making a penny from acting but augmented her income through her clothing.

She noted that acting was something she was passionate about and is what she loves doing and enjoys. So she wasn’t bothered by not making an income from it.

In an interview in 2017, Peggy affirmed that her father has always been there for her and that nothing good comes easy but she has also been prayerful and has also worked hard and was consistent.

Ovire is now a prominent actress and has gained fans at home and abroad. According to her, acting comes with lots of challenges, and she has gained connections and fame that have changed her life around.

Regarding her fashion statement, she said she likes to look clean, classy, and polished. She added that due to the nature of her body, she can’t step out in fitted jumpsuit outfits but will prefer ball outfits to make her feel good.

She added that she wears specific clothes for different outfits and always likes to appear classy in different styles for different occasions.

Furthermore, she noted during her leisure time, she loves going to the cinema and often visits her friends. She also noted that she doesn’t smoke or drink and is not the party type.

Peggy has also talked about how she maintains her body. She said she reduces her carbohydrate intake and eats two times daily. 

However, she said once it’s 7 p.m., nothing is going into her stomach but fruits and water.

Peggy Ovire is one of the most successful actresses in Nollywood. 

Apart from dating rumors which she had denied for years before their wedding took place in Warri on November 19, 2022, she has never been involved in scandals.

Ovire is very simple, cool, collected, and loves to mind her business.

Peggy Ovire Husband

Peggy Ovire celebrated her husband on his birthday, May 1, 2023

Peggy tied the knot with Frederick Leonard on November 19, 2022, in Warri, Delta State.

The couple have had an on-and-off relationship since 2015. 

When Peggy was asked about her relationship with Fred in an interview in 2017, she denied it, stating that nothing was going on between them.

It shocked fans when Fred proposed to Peggy on her birthday online in October 2022, which verified fans’ speculations that the duo had been dating all the while.

Their wedding was the talk of the town as top celebrities stormed the occasion.

Fred and Peggy played a game where they answered intimate questions about each other like who crushed on who first, who asked for the first kiss, and who initiated the first date.

Fred knelt to profess his love for his new bride Peggy, noting that all the while, he knew she was the one for him.

He said although they have been together for 7 years in the last 10 years Peggy is the only one he can’t live without.

He added that Peggy knows how he feels when she leaves his side even for a minute, adding that he always wants her around.

He further said he wasn’t looking for just a wife but looking for a soulmate and a best friend.

However, Peggy affirmed that when she met Fred, he wasn’t a popular star actor in Nollywood.

Reacting to those who said she was lucky to marry him, she noted that she had been through a lot and that he stood by him through thick and thin.

She said she met a man who often said he cared about her and promised to spoil her silly which he’s now doing. 

The delectable actress also added that she met a man who’s not a womanizer and a man who’s ready to make money and that was why she stayed this long.

Peggy Ovire advised young girls in relationships to be patient with their boyfriends/lovers.

She affirmed that ladies who have guys they love so much should encourage them because that was what she did for Freddie all these years.

She further said it got to a time where she thought Freddie wasn’t going to marry her and she told him that she’s a fine girl and that he should stop wasting her time.

How Old Is Peggy Ovire

She was born on October 21, 1985, in Lagos but a native of Ughelli, Delta state. She’s 37 years old and will be 38 on October 21, 2023.

Peggy Ovire Is From Which State(Where Is Nollywood Actress Peggy Ovire From)

She’s from Ughelli in Delta State.

How Long Has Peggy Ovire Been Acting?

Peggy Ovire has been acting for 13 years. She joined acting in 2013 with her first movie produced by movie producer, Uche Nancy.

Is Peggy Ovire A Beauty Queen?

Yes, she emerged as the Most Beautiful Girl on Campus at Delta State University in 2003. 

She also contested for Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria(MBGN) in 2005 and also won Miss Tourism Delta. 

In 2007, she emerged as the winner of Miss Galaxy International, Nigeria.

Did Frederick Leonard Propose To Peggy Ovire?

Yes, he proposed to her on her birthday on October 21, 2022. On November 5, 2022, she showed off her engagement ring, noting that she said, “Yes” to him.

Peggy Ovire Child

They tied the knot on November 19, 2021, and have no children yet.

Peggy Ovire Parents

Peggy has mostly talked about her father. According to The Nation and other media outlets, she confirmed that her mother died years ago. The woman beside her father could be her stepmother. Read The Nation for details.

Peggy Ovire Wedding/ Peggy Ovire Bridal Shower

Peggy Ovire And Frederick Leonard Movies

Before their marriage, they have played romantic roles in several movies. 

Loving Ellen


My Personal Doctor

What It Takes To Love You

Marry Me Again

Leave My Wife

Praise Wife

Where Does Frederick Leonard Live in Nigeria?

He lives in Lekki, Lagos State.

Peggy Ovire Latest Movies

Another Man


Chamber Of Secrets

Peggy Ovire Birthday

Peggy Ovire Old Photos

Peggy Ovire Net-worth

Peggy is worth $200,000. She has a boutique in Lekki Lagos and also has over 16,000 Subscribers on YouTube.

Peggy also rides exotic cars and lives in a luxurious apartment in Lekki, Lagos.

Peggy Ovire House

Peggy doesn’t have a house of her own yet but lives with her husband in Lekki, Lagos

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