Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike and his wife in Germany

Emeka Ike Biography: His South African Wife, Children, House, Cars, Mother

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Emeka Ike, Nollywood’s lover boy has been away from the movie industry for years. Do you know why? Let’s dive into his life and the many controversies that surrounded his acting career. There’s so much to find out so seat back and relax.

Emeka Ike was born on March 22nd, 1967 in Lagos but is a native of the Imo State. He was raised in Lagos and can speak the Yoruba language fluently. He attended Yaba College of Technology and later proceeded to the University of Lagos where he bagged a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

His passion for acting conquered all. In the 1990s, he met a senior colleague, Ernest Obi who introduced him to a popular producer, Charles Owoyemi.

In 1995, he starred in the first hit movie, Deadly Affair, and gained popularity in Nollywood. He did stop there as he was consistent in his game of becoming one of the greatest actors in Nollywood.

Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike and his wife in Germany

According to him, he has starred in over 300 movies, playing lead roles in all. He’s an exceptionally talented actor who’s loved for his good looks and charisma. Emeka is well known for playing lover boy roles and has played romantic roles with A-list actresses like Rita Dominic, Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Jalade, Ini Edo, and many others.

Emeka has not been active on TV for many years. He made brief appearances in a couple of movies in 2020 and shuttled between Nigeria and Germany.

The handsome made another comeback after 3 years in Toyin Abraham blockbuster film, “Malaika” which will hit the cinema on December 22, 2023.

The movie was captioned, “Anger is furnace” where he played Toyin’s husband. Emeka while talking about the new movie in November 2023, noted that it was his first ever cinema movie and that he loves the storyline and that was why he starred in it.

It’s action filled, suspense and drama as he stated that viewers will see more of him in action.

After his role in the cinema movie, “Malaika” other acting gigs have piled up for him as he’s set to make another notable appearance in veteran filmmaker Teco Benson’s film where he will play the role of a Zaddy/dashing guy who controls power, money, and riches.

He revealed this during his interview with Hero Daniels of Rubbin Minds on Channels TV on Sunday, December 17, 2023 when the interviewer complimented his look on the show.

One of the reasons he was away from the Nigerian film industry was his personal challenges with life as he wasn’t earning enough from acting to foot his bills.

He was involved in other businesses. In February 2014, he was reportedly sent packing from his rented apartment in Lagos for his inability to pay 3 years rent which had accumulated to N8.5m. But the actor is currently doing well for himself in Germany.

During his interview on Channels TV’S Rubbin Minds on Sunday, December 17,2023, he was asked where he has been over the years as he hasn’t featured in movies in a long time then he responded saying that he has been where other actors in his genre are.

He further said there was a time that they were all pushed out of the system without people knowing about what happened adding that that the Government came in with different policies and it affected the Nollywood industry.

The talented actor explained that just one policy could change the whole thing for the industry.

Emeka said there were years when people when to rent films and all that just died for no reason.

He said decoders are now being used to watch movies, adding that the transition from buying movies in Jackets to decoders was where Nollywood was lost and that they weren’t included and their opinions were not aired in the process.

The handsome actor further said the people that made the policies yanked them off and they couldn’t do what they needed to do anymore. Also, during the interview, Emeka revealed another reason he has been away from the TV screen for a long time.

He affirmed that he was depressed for a long time due to his marital crisis with his 1st ex-wife Suzanne and that he was hiding in shame for what he didn’t do, noting that it was the price he paid for being large.

He said he had to hide his face until he knew what was going on with him, adding that at a point he wanted to k??ll(hilarious) show host, Ebuka.

He said he thought he was going to meet Ebuka on the show, adding that veteran actor Segun Arinze came on the show and called him a mad man.

Ike fumes saying he was very angry and bitter for Segun Arinze to use such words on air without knowing who he was.

He revealed that there was so much war in the Actors Guild Of Nigeria(AGN) and that he was a de-facto president and was fighting for the people and he was called the people’s president.

He added that he was also fighting some institution and some men(the oligarchs) and then someone sneaked in to take his life so there were assassins everywhere for him. He noted that he was facing gunmen and the news was all over the media.

Emeka further said assassins came to his house, attacked him on the street, adding that they want to take his life. He affirmed that it wasn’t Segun Arinze, Ejike Asiegbu or Ibinabo Fiberesima, adding that he lost his mother in October 2023 and he will bury her very soon.

He said Ibinabo called him that she will come for his late mother’s burial but that year he thought she(Ibinabo) wanted to kill him.

Emeka revealed that the woman that was behind it was somewhere quiet, adding that celebrities are exposed to so much dangers that people know.

He hilariously said singer Burna Boy said Las Las we will all eat breakfast, adding that everyone is already eating his or her breakfast.

When asked how he made an amazing comeback in the cinema hit movie, “Malaika” after the challenges he encountered in the past years, he said when one realize that people are after one for who one is and are envious about what one has achieved, one would ask himself what he would do next and what came to his mind was that he should keep his heads up and keep doing the things he needed to do properly and keep working on himself and investing

He said there was a year he was after African Magic in court but he’s no longer after them because he now owns his TV Channel.

He said he owns Nollywood TV on Startimes(Channel 62) and that it is all about reinventing oneself and making sure one makes the best of the negativities and weather the storm to build the pillar that will strengthen one’s next rise.

Regarding what he said about going through marital issues that he was being accused of, the interviewer said he never came online to clarify anything and he said it was difficult to clarify himself because the same people that bullied him on the internet are still there to rubbish him.

He said his Secondary school, Saint Nicholas College, Magodo, Lagos was shutdown and over 480 million Naira investment went down the drain and all he heard was constant battery(assault) as he was always saying he didn’t beat his ex-wife and even asked her what was going on about what he heard in the news about him beating her but his ex-wife said he was a star and that the media could always manipulate things.

Emeka noted that he was gullible until he discovered that his ex-wife was the one behind everything, adding that some ladies are too desperate for marriage lately and his ex-wife told him one time that he was not the marriage type but he never understood her then.

He said the young men need to know that there are plenty ladies that are not the marriage type lately and they are the ones that get men first, adding that the good ladies don’t show the signs one needs to see to want to go to a party with. But those ladies that show one what one needs to see will eventually mess on up.

Emeka said it was depressing to find out that the person he confided in knows that men came to his house and were arranging meetings, discussing his issues and the resolution was to blackmail him.

He said he was busy handling the backmail but never knew it was more than that, adding that his school was shutdown and students were told to go home.

Furthermore, his school and marriage were shutdown on the same day he was on air heading for a movie shoot in America, adding that they already knew he was travelling and planned it.

Emeka Ike affirmed that he was directing a movie and was going to act in it adding that he was on air when his ex-wife rang the bell and told the students that she was shutting down the school.

Ike said he never expected it and that he came back home to nothing, adding that his property and houses have been moved. He said they have moved 80% of the property he had in Lagos and he only came back from America with just his traveling bag.

He said people were building on his property and he felt like killing himself because he can’t defend it. He explained that he came back from US and couldn’t find his belongings including his property documents, awards, pictures with dignitaries and many others things were gone.

He said connecting with Toyin Abraham’s movie, “Malaika” was very easy for him because in the movie, he went through lots of resilience, emotions, anger, confusion, lies, manipulation and he never knew where it’s coming from.

He said sometimes, one would want to please someone for the other person but one doesn’t know that the other one that one is pleasing is manipulative.

He asked if the show host, Hero Daniels is married and said he was sorry for the young ones that are not yet married. He added that he was asking someone at Aminu Kano International Airport as he came in from Saudi Arabia last night, Saturday, December 16, 2023.

He said he’s sorry for the young men who are not yet married because the narrative out there is that it’s all about the money and that they don’t like one for nothing and that one must be a popular and wealthy man to be a woman beater as no carpenter and bricklayer are seen as a woman beater on the social space.

He added that anyone that interacts with assassins is a criminal and people need to know tha the social space in Nigeria is polluted.

He said he resides in Germany and his family lives in Nuremberg, adding that in Germany, they don’t just go on air and post anything and when he hears people say it is their rights and he asks, “Is it your right to abuse me, give me a wrong image and sorry is what I get from it?”, noting that someone needs to regulate Nigeria’s social media space.

Futhermore, the interviewer asked if his ex-wife has apologized since the break-up, when he said it was sorry he got from being accused wrongly, and Emeka said, if it was deliberate then there’s no apologizes coming because there was a lot to cover for. He said he was hunted like a rabbit, adding that gunmen came to his house.

He noted that the TV Presenter should go to Ogudu-Magodo Police Post and he will see his statement about how mask men invaded his home and then, he was after Segun Arinze and others who he thought were after his life because he was fighting against them. He said there was a whole lot of manipulaton.

Rubbin’ Minds Presenter Hero Daniels asked if he got his school back and he said, “How can you get a school back. The now minister of aviation Festus Keyamo wanted to be my Lawyer then and when he saw the damage, Festus advised me to move on and leave the school because it is already messed up.

I couldn’t save the school because parents were already pulling their kids out when the proprietress of the school woke up on the same day I was flying to America to shutdown the school. She rang the bell and told the school she’s no loner running the it.

Teachers cried because they didn’t know how to get the next job and students cried because they will miss their friends. And all he got was constant battery to the extent of asking his children if he beats their mother and they said ‘NO”

Emeka affirmed that he built a house for his ex-wife in Lagos and it wasn’t enough then he built a 3-bedroom flat for her mother in Isoko and trained her in school.

He added that he was in Yabatech and has friends who are Deans of faculties in the University of Lagos and took her to them and she gained admission.

He stated that he changed her life and that she drove his latest cars but she paid him back with wickedness.

Emeka mentioned that he was investing on someone who wasn’t investing in him and he loved her but she didn’t love him back, stating that these are the mistake most young men do and that they just get a pretty lady and show love not knowing if she loves them back.

Emeka affirmed that his ex-wife has never apologized and that she has been hiding. He said he saw a post last week which says, “Emeka Ike is having fun with his new South African wife after he divorced his ex-wife”, and noted that he never divorced his ex-wife and that she was the one that divorced herself.

He explained that he was on his kneels, Felix Duke and his sisters were on their kneels in Court pleading but she didn’t listen. He said she looked like she was being blackmailed and when one is dealing with gunmen, it get to a point that they take over from one.

The interviewer asked if it was her fault since she was being blackmailed and Emeka replied saying it was her fault because she took that route, adding that she has been out of his home for 10 years and boom, she came last year when he was arranging his children papers to come Germany so they can also move on.

He said he noticed a lot of lapses and has to shut down his stardom and focus on his kids and he was able to bring them out of depression and build them but right now she’s in possession of them and that he doesn’t know where his kids are as their phones were switched off and he hasn’t seen them for 2 years.

During his interview on “Your View” Show on TVC on December 23, 2023, he said he’s happily married to a South African woman and blessed with kids and that he has moved on as he’s trying to cope with the whole rush of emotions but if his ex-wife, Suzanne Emma says nonsense in the media, he would reveal lots of secret.

Emeka Ike’s long battle with the Actors Guild Of Nigeria(AGN) and how it ended

According to findings, Emeka’s beef with the Actors Guild Of Nigeria started far back as 2010 when the board of trustees beckoned on him to become its president, adding that Ejike Asiegbu was the problem of the association.

According to him, the current president, Ejike Asiegbu was in charge for a long time and didn’t want to leave, so because he believes in the rule of law, he took him to court. But later found out that the 5 members of the board of trustees were the problem and fought tirelessly to make sure they leave the association.

Emeka who was also the factional president of the association denounced ex-beauty Queen and veteran actress, Ibinabo Fiberesima when she emerged as the President of AGN.

He affirms that an ex-convict can never be a leader. The long battle halted in 2013. During an interview, Emeka revealed that his wife begged him to stop, adding that even the people he was fighting for didn’t appreciate his efforts. For years, he distanced himself from Nollywood and vowed to have nothing to do with the association.

In 2006, Ibinabo knocked down a Lagos-based Doctor, Suraj Giwa under the influence of alcohol and was convicted and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment by Justice Deborah Oluwayemi for manslaughter. However, she was later granted bail following an appeal filed by her lawyer, Nnaemeka Amaechina.

Emeka Ike and his ex-wife

Emeka Ike separated from his first wife, Suzanne Emma in 2017

A series of complications led to their divorce but Emeka claimed he got separated from his first wife due to domestic violence. Emeka was also accused of being a women beater, an allegation he felt was orchestrated by some of the members of AGN(Actors Guild of Nigeria) then.

In 2000, Emeka and his ex-wife threw a carnival-like wedding. It was a star-studded event and was the talk of the town. Suzanne has four children for him.

I Wanted To Act But He Never Let Me Become An Actress- Emeka Ike’s Ex-wife, Suzanne Emma

After several allegations labeled against her by her ex-husband, she has, for the first time, spoke her truth to the media. During her interview with popular media personality on his show, “With Chude”, Suzanne refuted claims that she was begged by Emeka and other family members at the court.

Chude asked what she meant when she said she was in an abusive marriage and Suzanne said the abuse started off as verbal, always bringing her down, mental torture, and financial abuse because Emeka didn’t allow her to work.

She added that she wanted to be an actress and that was why she linked up with him. She said she was 18 years old at that time and just finished secondary school. She noted that she was modeling and was looking for someone who would put her through but they were already in a relationship and he told her not to act because it will destroy their relationship. Emma affirmed that he also stopped her modeling career.

Furthermore, she said she was approached by an Agency to sponspor her for Miss Nigeria in 1999 and he refused, adding that he couldn’t handle her crying if she didn’t win and she had to go back to the Agency to say her parents didn’t want her to do it and also went back to her parents to say that the agency dumped her because she didn’t know what to say.

Emma stated that she met Emeka when she was age 18 but they got married when she was 23 and she was already pregnant with their 2nd child when they got married, adding that she was the one that even urged him to get married since they were about to give birth to their 2nd child.

She revealed that she regretted getting married to him and that during their wedding, Emeka Ike came late because he was shooting a movie in the US and his family never blessed them.

Emma affirmed that she left his home with her 2 younger kids because she felt they still needed her.

She said she had jumped out of a moving vehicle before and has attempted suicide 3 times because of her husband, adding that he(Emeka Ike) didn’t say all these things to the media.

She further said that the church sent pastors to her and she was in her room wanting to slit her wrist with blade and he and the pastors were there banging the bathroom door.

She said some times she prefers him to beat her than to say horrible things about her because he often describes her as an imbecile and as someone not worth anything.

Emma said the physical violence begun when she started fighting back, adding that there was a time her child was sick and she didn’t have money and she was trying to talk to them at the hospital, then her ex-husband came and started to rain insults on her calling her a fool.

She said she got upset by his derogatory remarks and she went into the car then Emeka followed her and punched her in the public.

She said he’s an authoritaive person as he has always claimed he made her. Emma added that she’s grateful for that and that she was age 18 when they met each other and was pregnant with two of his kids when she got into the University but she needed to have a life of her own and do her thing but he didn’t allow her.

Suzanne affirmed that Emeka never built a home for her mother like he said to the media and that the house was built in the 70s, adding that he only gave her a cash gift for renovation and they are grateful for that.

She added that the school Emeka Ike talked about was worth N100m that year and that she left in the mid of the term which was October but the school ran for a full term and didn’t know what happened.

She said she only found out that he didn’t resume the school in January and has moved the kids to Abuja.

Regarding issues on Emeka Ike arriving from the US after a movie shoot and not seeing any of his property again, Emma explained that they have exhausted their money and the landlord gave them a time frame to leave the house so she packed all their belongings to the school compound and was sleeping on the floor with her children in Emeka’s mother’s small apartment in Isolo as she moved from there to Magodo to run the school.

Emeka finds love again and marries South African model, Yolanda

Emeka found love again in the hands of a Germany-based model, Yolanda Pfeiffer. Yolanda is from South Africa and they welcomed their first daughter in October 2019. Oftentimes, he displayed affection for his wife on social media.

Where Is Emeka Ike

Emeka Ike now a pastor in Nuremberg, Germany

Severally, he shared lovely moments of him preaching and praying on the altar of God. He’s now deeply rooted in the things of God. The actor starred in a couple of movies between 2018 and 2020 and moved back to Germany. Check out the video below.

Emeka Ike’s cars and houses

Emeka rides some of the latest cars in town and owns a palatial home in Lagos. He currently lives with his wife in Germany. On July 31st, 2022, he shared lovely photos of some of his cars and said he felt blessed with his old investment decisions. Check out his cars and house in the video below.

Emeka Ike Mother

Emeka Ike lost his mother, Mama Comfort Ike on Friday, November 10, 2023 to the cold hands of death. He announced it via his official Instagram page and called her his hero. Fans and celebrities have sent condolence messages wishing her farewell.

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