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Oluwabamishe Lukman Abioro aka Young Duu who dubbed himself “Oluwabamishe” a Yoruba language which means “God Has Done It For Me” is a street pop fast-rising artist who was formerly signed to Zeh Nation, a record label owned by Habeeb Okikiola aka Portable Zazzu.

The singer who was born in 2003(Age 20) was signed to Zeh Nation in 2022 and dropped his first official song titled, “Sho Sho Sho” with his former boss, Portable. He gained recognition in 2023 after he released “Egbemi” a Yoruba language, meaning, “Carry Me”. He was immediately accepted by many for his hilarious style of pop music despite being criticised by many others who called him a comedy.

So far, Young Duu has released 7 songs including his latest Jam titled, “Oyinmo” with Machala Crooner, Caterefe which is currently buzzing on the internet, receiving massive attention and beautiful remarks with music lovers.

The song, “Oyinmo” was released on Wednesday, November 8, 2023. It reflects the life and struggles of Young Duu and Caterefe before their stardom. Other songs he released in the past are Kunfayafun,, Rolex, Mr Money, Egbemi, Sho Sho Sho and Kilowa.

Young Duu added Portable on his Instagram Bio as his “God’s Sent” and has now deleted it after the released of his new hit song, “Oyinmo”.

Fight erupted between Young Duu and his former boss, Portable some months ago and he had to leave the record label, Zeh Nation. Portable alleged that Young Duu was a liability and that he wasn’t making money from him. 

Young Duu also aired his mind and accused him of turning him into his car wash man. He also accused him of assaults, noting that Portable sent his boys to attack him. Young Duu further stated the attackers badly hurt him.

During a recent Instagram live, Portable warned that Young Duu shouldn’t break the ladder that brought him to the top, noting that he would need it someday.

And Young Duu replied to Portable’s comments, noting that he didn’t break the ladder that brought him to the top but just left his(Portable’s) record label to search for a better life elsewhere.

Young Duu left Zeh Nation this year(2023) in pain and suffering and his ordeal immediately went viral. He was assisted with gifts by many well-wishers and fans.

Popular skitmaker turned singer, Carterefe invited him to his home in Lagos where he also met a popular show promoter, music manager and business mogul, Kenechukwu Ndulue aka “One Kesh” who gifted him an iPhone 15 Pro Max. He worked in the music studio for days with Carterefe and released the hit song, “Oyinmo”.

Young Duu with Business Mogul, One Kesh

Young Duu also got an invitation from popular Bitcoin vendor, B-Lord, who affirmed his interest in signing him into his Record Label. Founder of B-Lord Group, Linus Williams worked with him for a few days and made him the new face of his brand, Bill-point, an online mobile money platform. They also released a short video advert that was accepted by many.

After the release of his hit song, “Oyinmo”, Portable went live on Instagram, lamenting that Caterefe stole his artist and wanted to hinder his spotlight because he dropped the song, “Oyinmo” a day after his released his album titled, “Anikuleti Street Don Jazzy”.

Chairman of B-Lord Group, Linus Williams

Carterefe responded to his live video, calling Portable a d*mb. He also said he will make sure that Young Duu is successful and that he will also make sure he releases an EP soon.

Regarding Carterefe ripping(stealing from) him thereby putting only his name on their new song,”Oyinmo”, he said in a live video on Wednesday, November 8, 2023, that Carterefe didn’t rip him and that he was the one that wanted him to only put his name in the music. He also said people have been ripping him for a long time and that this time around, he’s here to make money. He further added that his money is his voice and that he’s in Lagos to make money.

Young Duu has made a U-turn as he called out Carter Efe for ripping him and taking all the glorious in his hit song, “Oyinmo” in November 2023. This happened when the skit maker was performing the song at an event.

People started asking why Young Duu wasn’t present to performed too and that was when he called Carter Efe out for neglecting him after the release of the song, “Oyinmo”. During Young Duu’s interview with Saturday Beats(Punch News), he said after the song was released, Carter Efe never sought-after him again and never cared about him and that was why he called him out.

Carter Efe also told Saturday Beats in November 2023 that, Young Duu tarnished his image and that he was sure that he was being influenced by Berri Tigga(who sang Machala with Carter efe) because Young Duu doesn’t know what he was doing. He noted that they(Berri and Young Duu) are now together.

Carter further said someone else’s song can’t be stolen and if one uploads another person’s song without his or her permission, the song will be shut down. He said he was paid to perform in a show and when “Oyinmo” was played, he initially didn’t want to perform it but he did as a way of promoting song.

Currently, Young Duu is the rave of the moment. He’s loved for his hilarious street pop style and has gained popularity since he left his former record label, “Zeh Nation”. Soon, he will be listed among the most successful “Young Street Pop Singers” in Nigeria.

The singer he no longer with Carter Efe as he’s being promoted by show promoter and real estate guru, Only One Kesh. Apart from “Oyinmo,” he has cooked other new hit songs like “Ball” and “Many” which are currently receiving massive airplay in Nigeria.

On December 19, 2023, Young Duu made headlines after he received N1.5 million from Grammy Award winner, Burna Boy. Young Duu with his promoter, One Kesh were spotted at a Lagos nightclub. Young who saw Burna Boy from afar when to meet him as he embraced him and they had a brief chat. He was also seen with Phyno, Asake and many other stars. One Kesh revealed via Instagram that Young Duu was gifted N1.5m after their brief chat.

Young Duu couldn’t contain his joy after linking up with other top Nigerian stars, adding that it was a major link up with African Giant and Mr Money as he thanked his promoter, One Kesh.


Young Duu was born in Agege in 2003. During his conversation with Business Mogul One Kesh, he noted that he came from a very poor family where they can’t afford food.

The young singer hasn’t shared photos of his father, mother and siblings online. But soon, he will share them as he grows in his musical career. This page will be updated when he does. So always check back for new updates.

Young Duu Real Name

Young Duu real name is Oluwabamishe Lukman Abioro


Young Duu is worth $4000. This estimation was obtained from the assets he currently has. He was gifted a new iPhone 15 Pro Max by “One Kesh” on Tuesday, November 7, 2023 and signed a multi-million Naira deal with the B-lord Group on Monday, November 6, 2023.



Car And Mansion

Young Duu has no car and house yet. Stay tuned to the blog for updates about him in the future.

Young Duu Latest Songs

Oyinmo, Ball and Many are his latest hit songs.

Portable Attacks Young Duu’s Promoter, One Kesh At A Bar, Young Duu Reacts

It seems Portable isn’t pleased with Young Duu’s success so far as plans to deal with everyone who is close to him. A viral video surfaced online on Friday, December 22, 2023, where he was seen attacking One Kesh at a towel in a bar. The Zazzu Crooner aggressively grabbed One Kesh’s cloth and push him against an Iron fence as he assualted him. The reason for the attack is not known but Charles Okocha aka Igwe 2pac and many others where seen separating them.

In the video, One Kesh didn’t attack back. This triggered outrage as Young Duu took to his Instagram live to blast Portable, raining curses on him for trying to hinder his progress in life. He said Portable never allowed him to succeed while he was in his record label and he is doing everything possible to destroy him. Watch video below.

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