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Sisi Quadri whose real name is Tolani Quadri Oyebamiji is a renowned comic veteran Yoruba actor well known for his role in Seniyan Seranko”, an old movie produced on December 4, 2004.

Sisi Quadri is a popular veteran comic actor dominating the online skit-making and the Yoruba movie industry. His major breakthrough in the movie industry was when he played the role of an “Insultive” personality in the Yoruba epic movie, Seniyan Seranko. He later took a long break and made his comeback in the hit comic movie, “Ebudola” alongside his best friend, Funmi Awelewa in 2020, which instantly shot him into the limelight.

Sisi Quadri captivates his audience with his outspoken personality and ability to rain insults on his opponent in movies without pausing. He’s a unique breed in Nollywood and has no rival.

Due to the acceptance and popularity of the movie, Ebudola, part 2 and part 3 were made and they garnered millions of views and placed Sisi Quadri in the spotlight, endearing him to movie lovers.

His top-notch performance in the movie, paved the way for other acting and content creation gigs and to date, he’s still relevant in Nollywood.

Sisi Quadri has acted in over 150 movies including comedy skits and is highly respected for his acting prowess and creativity. He’s a sought-after comic actor and very bankable that’s why he’s always on the list of producers and directors for acting jobs. 

Most of his movies hit millions of views on YouTube. Some of his latest and hit movies are Ololade Mrs Money, Toko Taya with his bestie Funmi Awelewa, Lepa Gewu, Bode Ijongbon, Big Brother Ibadan and many more.

He has also worked with top content creators like Mr Macaroni, Edem Victor, Woli Agba, Brodashaggi, Pastor Remote and many others.

Sisi Quadri is one of the most successful comic Yoruba actors in the movie industry. Apart from acting, he’s a passionate fashion designer and has a big store with workers who work for him. He’s also into MC and makes money from skit-making. As a successful entrepreneur, he juggles his fashion business with acting and hosting jobs and strikes a balance between them.

Oyebamiji completed his beautiful house on October 31, 2020, and rides nice cars. He’s happily married and blessed with two sons, Hazani Olamilekan Oyebamiji and Olamide Oyebamiji. 

In August 2023, he went on vacation with comic star actors, Apanfukor and Kemity.

According to him, he’s passionate about acting and he’s not quitting anytime soon. He also noted that acting has made him a tolerant person as he knows how to deal with people of different backgrounds and beliefs.

Biography(History Of Sisi Quadri)

Sisi Quadri whose real name is Oyebamiji Tolani Quadri is a native of Osun State and was born on December 26, 1979, to Mr and Mrs Oyebamiji. 

He attended his primary and secondary school education in Ore, Ondo State, and moved back to Osun, his hometown to study Arabic and Quran because his father wanted him to be a Muslim cleric. He later attended a fashion school where he learned fashion design and finished in 1999.

Due to his love for education, he bagged a Diploma certificate in Iree Polytechnic, Osun State.

In 2000, his father’s elder brother introduced him to his mentor and lecturer, Toyin Olaiya who brought him into acting. When late Hameeda Shakeem first saw him, she fell in love with his acting skills and added him to her team. Sisi was later introduced to makeup and relocated to Lagos where he met other celebrities. That was how his journey to stardom began.

Then he played minor roles often but his role in the old movie, “Seniyan Seranko” on December 4, 2023, shot him to fame.


Since his comeback in the movie “Ebudola” in 2020, he has appeared In scores of comedy skits giving top-notch performances. Check out some of his comedy skits by typing his name, “Sisi Quadri” on YouTube.

Who Is Sisi Quadri Wife(Is Sisi Quadri Married?)

Sisi Quadri is happily married to Mrs Quadri Oyebamiji. He rarely shares his wife’s photos online but often shares photos of his sons. This page will be updated when he shares photos of his wife.

Sisi Quadri with a fan

Real Age(Sisi Quadri Date Of Birth)

He was born on December 26, 1979. As of December 26, 2023, he was age 44.

Sisi Quadri Tribe/Origin(What State Is Sisi Quadri From?)

He’s from Iwo town in Osun State.


He’s happily married and blessed with two sons namely Hazani Olamilekan Oyebamiji and Olamide Oyebamiji.

Left, Hazani Oyebamiji, Right, Olamide Oyebamiji


No information about his father but he lost his mother, Mrs Oyebamiji on February 23, 2023.

Net-worth and House

On October 31, 2020, Sisi Quadri acquired a beautiful home. He rides nice cars and is involved in several businesses for multiple streams of income. He has a fashion house and also does skits and hosts events. Sisi Quadri is worth $100,000.

Funmi Awelewa Wedding

Funmi Awelewa is Sisi Quadri’s best friend. They made a hit movie, Ebudola together in 2020 where they wedded, and also made another hit movie, Toko Taya in 2022 where they also got married. They are both funny, lovable, free-spirited, and jovial filmmakers. They are not couples but best friends.

Phone Number

Sisi doesn’t give out his phone numbers online but you can reach him via Instagram @iamsisiquadir

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