You Are A Failed Actress- Blessing CEO slams Nkechi Blessing

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Media personalities, Blessing CEO and Nkechi Blessing are at loggerheads as they throw shades at each other on video streaming app.

It all started when Relationship therapist, Blessing CEO share a bikini photo of herself showing off her stomach tattoo that looks like the shape of a book. The photos has gone viral online with many disapproving of it.

Nkechi who’s not on talking terms with Blessing CEO first throw chides noting that bikini is no for everyone, adding that she respect her big belle. She noted that Blessing CEO looks like placard that they use for protest, adding that she’s a sense.less human being.

This didn’t sit well with Blessing CEO as she threw shades at Nkechi too. She shared a video of herself with celotape on her mouth and turned on her ring light saying she’s trying so hard not to reply Nkechi who’s a failed actresses that changes small boys everyday like Eke Market day.

Nkechi later countered her statement noting that she’s not an Actress and that she’s a real estate mogul with over 10,000 acres of land to her name. She added that she’s a CEO of over 5 successful businesses and almost 3 years off screens and she’s still standing strong.

She warned that Blessing should know that she’s the last person to drag, adding that they will go cràze together. Nkechi said she should remove the celotape I’m her mouth and set her ring light let them begin.

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