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Ibrahim Yekini(Itele Icon) who’s popularly known as Itele is an extraordinarily talented actor, filmmaker, scriptwriter, producer, and director.

He’s a rare Gem in Nollywood and a master of his craft(acting) who’s known for masterpieces like Kesari, The Return Of Kesari, President Kuti, Return Of President Kuti, and Kesari The King(cinema hit).

Itele Icon was a professional boxer before he joined acting. He was inspired by an elder brother in his community and engaged in several ring boxing competitions including the Rowe Park Boxing event in Lagos Island.

He was passionate about boxing until he met Folorunsho Adejobi in 1997 where he studied filmmaking for 3 years and graduated in 2000. 

Ibrahim Yekini(Itele Icon) was still a skilled boxer while still acting but an embarrassment that happened with a fan during his boxing career made him quit. This was after his godfather told him to do so and focus on his acting career.

Itele never had any tertiary education but according to him, he’s knowledgeable about life and knows what he’s doing. Also, he said he was surrounded by learned people and attended an acting school that honed his acting and filmmaking skills.

After Ibrahim Yekini(Itele Icon) graduated from Folorunsho Adejobi film school in 2000, he produced his first movie titled, Itele in 2004. 

The film was successful but he paid a huge price as a piece of film equipment that he couldn’t afford got damaged at the movie location. So he had to hustle as a bricklayer for 3 months to replace the equipment.

Despite the success of his first movie, “Itele”, he didn’t become popular and was never called for jobs. He was discouraged as he wasn’t discovered by filmmakers. 

However, Itele produced 5 more movies before he gained recognition and started to get calls from movie producers for roles. 

Ibrahim Yekini(Itele Icon) is well known for playing criminal and villain roles. His hit movie titled Kesari in 2019 shot him into the spotlight. The film garnered 2 million views on YouTube. He also released part 2 and did a sequel, “The Return Of Kesari” and “Kesari The King” which also did very well on YouTube and in the cinemas respectively.

The cinema movie, “Kesari The King” reached N55m within 3 weeks of its release in September 2023, making it highest grossing Nollywood movie of the month.

Kesari has produced more than 30 movies and has directed and acted in scores of movies. He learned his directional skills from Don Richard, a veteran movie actor and director.

Ibrahim Yekini noted during an interview that he doesn’t think not having a University Education affected his communication skills but many who are educated have applauded him for his job. 

He also said he’s not justifying himself for not going to the University and that it’s not too late for him. He added that filmmaking skill is not only about going to school and acquiring an education and that someone knowledgeable about life can be a fine movie producer and director.

Ibrahim Yekini(Itele D Icon) mentioned that he’s naturally gifted and has learned and acquired knowledge through several online courses.

His impact on Nollywood can’t be overemphasized. He’s a gifted and multi-talented actor who has won several awards. 

Itele is known for commercial movies like Omo Ghetto(The Saga) and Jagun Jagun where he played “Gbogunmi”. He displayed a high depth of expertise in the Femi Adebayo’s Netflix film and took in the character, giving stellar performances.

The actor once noted that he loves taking on challenging roles and always acts on each character differently to bring out his best while captivating his audiences. Apart from crime roles, which he’s known for, he also plays romantic roles perfectly.

He has been very patient in the movie industry and has attributed his success to hard work and loyalty. He said he is humble to his senior colleagues and does his work diligently.

Also he noted that he doesn’t believe in being in a caucus to be popular because if one is in a group and is not loyal, he or she will not be successful. 

Currently, he’s one of the most sought-after actors in the Yoruba genre of Nollywood and very bankable. 

Most of his movies are doing very well on the online streaming platform, YouTube and some of his newest movies are Ajadi Alaska, Morire, President Kuti The Return, and Egun(Cinema).

Ibrahim Yekini(Itele D Icon) is dynamic and a versatile actor. You would always expect nothing but the best from him as he doesn’t settle for less in all his productions. 

He’s one of the most successful actors in the movie industry. He’s happily married to Olayiwola Aminat Omowunmi aka Beauty By Icon, a make-up artist, and blessed with two kids. He also has four kids from his previous relationship with his ex-wife.

He’s a full-time actor and according to him, acting has made his life easy and adventurous as numerous opportunities have come his way. 

He also mentioned that acting makes him live a comfortable life. There are amazing projects coming from him in 2024 and years to come as he continues to explore amazing opportunities in acting and filmmaking.

Biography/What Is The Real Name Of Itele?

Ibrahim Bakare Yekini(Itele D Icon) was born on January 1, 1980, in Bariga, Lagos but was raised in Kano State where he had his primary and secondary education.

He isn’t from a wealthy family. No information about his Mother, Father, and Siblings as he once noted during his interview with Punch News that he doesn’t like talking about his family.

Real Age(When Was Ibrahim Yekini(Itele Icon) Born?)

As of January 1, 2024, he was 44 years old.

Where Is Ibrahim Yekini(Itele Icon) From(State Of Origin/Tribe)

He’s a native of Lafenwa in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Ibrahim Yekini(Itele Icon) First Wife/ Second Wife

Itele Icon is happily married to Omowunmi Aminat Yekini aka Beauty By Icon and is blessed with two beautiful daughters.

He also has 4 kids with his first ex-wife who called him out in early 2022 for being a deadbeat father and abandoned them for years.

Many reached out to her(his first ex-wife) and found out that she was in a terrible condition, living in a tattered house with no help. They blasted(raining insults) Itele Icon for abandoning his first family to suffer.

He later took his four kids out for shopping and when he was later asked about the whole drama that ensued during an interview, he said he didn’t want to talk about it and that he has learned a lot from the situation.

Itele explained that no matter how busy one is, one should always create time to care for and check on one’s family.


Left, Amirat Yekini Bakare, Right, Ajeromola Bakare Yekini

Ibrahim welcomed his first daughter, Amirat Dabira Bakare Yekini with his wife, Omowunmi on July 18, 2018, and welcomed his second daughter, Ajeromola Bakare Yekini on April 25, 2022. He also has 4 kids from his previous relationship which was later discovered in early 2022 when his first ex-wife called him out for abandoning her and his kids.


No information about his family as he noted during an interview that he doesn’t like talking about them on the media.

Ibrahim Yekini(Itele Icon) House/Cars

Itele Icon lives in a palatial mansion with his wife and two kids in Lagos and has been riding luxurious cars since 2018.

In 2018, he acquired a Toyota Camry and in 2020, he bought a multi-million Naira Toyota Highlander. Also, in 2022, Itele Icon acquired a brand new Honda Ridgeline and bought a brand new Toyota car in 2023.

Ibrahim Yekini(Itele Icon) Phone Number

Itele D Icon doesn’t share his contact with the public but you can follow up on Instagram @Iteledicon01 for the latest updates about him.


Ibrahim Yekini is worth $300,000. He has a beautiful home in Lagos and lives happily with his wife and daughters.

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