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Ben Touitou aka Ben Lugo T is a Jewish Nigerian actor with exceptional acting ability, charisma and a charming appearance.

He’s a talented actor, Tech enthusiast, fashion lover, model, and filmmaker who kick-started his acting journey in 2012 with the movie, “Lagos Cougars” and since then, he has been focused and consistent.

Ben Lugo Touitou has emphasized in several interviews that acting is deep psychology, a science, art, and business, and he has studied the business part of it to be a bankable product.

He affirmed that it’s not enough to be talented but one has to be equipped with the right knowledge business-wise to succeed in the craft.

Benjamin is a commercial actor who has appeared in several box office hit movies, including Netflix hit movies and YouTube movies. 

He’s one of the trending actors on the online streaming platform, YouTube, and he’s well known for playing romantic roles due to his charisma and charming looks.

Lugo likes challenging roles. Although money is a key factor for him he’s more concerned about playing challenging characters that can wow people.

He likes unusual and unique movie roles people can resonate with and not an everyday character people are used to.

Ben was featured in Cinema hit movie “Bad Comment”, Kamsi, Before Valentine’s, The Kujus Again, Lock Down, The Mystic River, Merry Men 2, The Pride Of Oyim, Blue, Wrong Attachment, and many more.

Also, he’s one of the reigning stars on YouTube as most of his movies hit millions of views a few weeks after they are released.

He has acted in hit YouTube movies such as “Old Flames” with Stella Charles and Precious Onwueze, “Love Aside” with Frances Ben, “2 Hearts” with Sandra Okunzuwa and Ekama Etim Inyang, “Not Man Enough with” with Shaznay Okawa, “A Crazy Love Story” with Sandra Okunzuwa, “Dirty Affairs” with Sunshine Rosman and Sandra Okunzuwa, “Hate To Love You” with Shaznay Okawa and Stefania Bassey and many others.

These romantic movies are all buzzing on YouTube as viewers couldn’t help but drop lovely remarks about his amazing acting skills.

Ben Touitou is also popular for his character as “Nasir” MTV Shuga where he played the role of an architect; a bachelor who had a rough relationship in the past and is skeptical about discussing it with people around him.

According to him during an interview, he’s an introvert but acting has brought him out of his shell.

He noted that he has been consistent in the movie industry and has learned its art, science, and business as he remained at the top of his game in portraying amazing Nigerian stories to the delight of his global audience.

Ben Touitou also said he has learned from veteran actors and actresses in the movie industry and he can boldly say he’s professional at his job.

He’s a bi-racial actor who loves to travel and explore the beauty of the world. He wants to venture into filmmaking in the future as he plans to tell endless and timeless Nigerian stories and be a showrunner in the film industry.

Ben also aims to settle down soon and raise his kids but acting is time-consuming as he envisions achieving his goals as fast as possible to start a lovely family.

Ben Touitou explained that acting can’t make one rich but can give one a comfortable life, adding that one must have multiple streams of income to be very rich.

He has been recognized for his impact on Nollywood. In 2023, he won Best Actor At the Toronto International Nollywood Festival and has also won the African Magic Viewers Choice Award.

Benjamin is a full-time actor, model, IT expert, and brand influencer. He’s a sought-after actor in the Nollywood industry and charges above N300,000 per movie, making him one of the most successful young actors in Nollywood.

He lives in a comfortable apartment in Lagos and rides luxurious cars. He’s worth $30,000.


Ben Touitou and his mother years ago

Ben Touitou whose real name is Benjamin Abba Nnayelugo Touitou is a Jewish Israeli Nigerian actor, born to the late Mr Touitou and Mrs Touitou(Alive) on January 22, 1988, in Enugu State. 

He has a younger sister who’s happily married. Ben can speak the Jewish and Igbo languages fluently.

His late father who died in 2012 is a Jewish man, an engineer and architect and his mother is a professor at Babcock University.

He was born in Enugu State where he had his primary and secondary school education and proceeded to Valley View University where he bagged a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

Ben Touitou kick-started his career as a model and was in an agency. Later an agent asked if he could act but he wasn’t really interested at that time. He was later taken to filmmaker, Uduak Isong and auditioned for a role.

Middle to the left- Ben’s relatives, Right, Ben’s younger sister

Uduak who was pleased with his acting performance took him to Emem Isong and he was selected in the midst of other actors to perform at the audition.

Emem was wowed by his performance and gave Ben his first major role in “Lagos Cougars” in 2012. Then he acted in “Desperate House Girls”. Since then, he has gotten better at his game.

Ben Lugo is a computer savvy and has built several applications, games, systems, and software but finds himself doing the things of arts like music, painting, writing(poems), drawing, and acting.

Acting is a personal thing to him as he described it as a deep psychology because it requires one to dissect the behavioral pattern of the character one wants to play and portray it exactly the way it is.

After his passion for acting grew stronger at adulthood, he got trained at Hollywood’s Stellar Adler Institution and John Henry Richardson. Ben Lugo also attended Del-York Fim Academy to hone his acting skills.

His mother never supported his career as an actor because she sees people who are into it as wayward people but when she saw the level of professionalism her son displayed in his career, she started to support him.

Is Touitou Married(Who Is Ben Touitou Wife?)

Ben Touitou with star actress Sharon Ooja

Ben Touitou is currently single and revealed during an interview in 2023 that he wishes to settle down, raise kids, and start a family soon as he envisioned filmmaking as part of the opportunities to explore in the future.

The handsome actor is in a relationship but keeps it away from the media.

Real Age

Ben Touitou will be 36 on January 22, 2024.

Where Is Ben Touitou From(State Of Origin/Tribe)

He’s Jewish from Isreal and was born to a Nigerian mother from Enugu State(Igbo tribe).

Ben Touitou can speak the Igbo language and loves it because of its rich history and culture.

According to him on September 28, 2020, life was a rollercoaster of a journey to becoming a man whose identity is both Jewish and Christian Igbo and it was a great burden and honor to keep up with a high standard of principle as his late father made sure to cement great virtue, hard work, and truth in him.

Ben Touitou Daughter

He’s not married so he doesn’t have a daughter. Although he shared a photo of him with a girl who shared a striking resemblance with him after they both signed an endorsement deal with a UK FinTech Company(International mobile transfer) many have sought to know if the beautiful girl is his real daughter.

Ben Touitou Parents/Siblings/Sister

Throwback of Ben’s late father and mother(still alive)

On March 26, 2017, Ben Touitou shared a photo of him and his mother taken to his late father late Touitou and said it was decades ago but he remembered it like it was yesterday.

He said they went to the zoo and he brought his gun so that he could protect his mother, adding that no matter how much they disagreed, she’s still and always right.

He explained that he loved his mother’s depth and soul, adding that he would always be her defender and fighter till the end. 

Ben’s relatives


Ben Touitou lives in a beautiful apartment in Lagos and rides nice cars. He’s worth $30,000

Phone No

Ben Lugo T doesn’t share his phone numbers with the public but you can catch up on his daily lifestyle via his Instagram page @bentouitou

Ben Touitou poses in front of his white Mercedes Benz

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