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Chinenye Ulaegbu is a detailed and talented actress, filmmaker, fitness trainer, and entrepreneur. She’s the founder of “Dioda Fitness” and “Dioda Wears”. She’s one of the emerging actresses currently giving producers a run for their money as they admire her charisma and exceptional acting skills.

Due to her passion for acting, Chinenye was active in stage plays during her secondary school days and also joined the school fellowship at the higher institution to engage in their drama activities but later got distracted and had fallout as she focused on her studies.

In 2013, she was introduced to a producer by her friend and her journey to the make-believe world(acting) started officially. She featured in her first movie titled, “Onuma”.

In 2016, she acted in two movies before she went back to school, the Institute of Management And Technology in Enugu, and professionally joined the film industry in 2018 after she honed her acting skills at a film school.

Chinenye Ulaegbu is an embodiment of talent and believes that God’s grace, talent, and hard work speak for her. She opined that hard work and talent are necessary to succeed in the movie industry and loves to put in her best in every character she plays as she does thorough rehearsals of her roles indoors before coming on movie sets.

The light-skinned actress also opined that talent is what is required and if upcoming actresses could exhibit a high level of professionalism at work and display top-notch talent to the best of their ability, there will be no need for them to fall victim to sexual harassment in the movie industry.

She added that despite the menace(sexual harrassment) still being on the rise, many platforms are ready to project upcoming actresses with talent while giving kudos to top filmmakers like Emem Isong and Mary Njoku who regard talents more than anything else before they can cast an actor.

In the digital era, trending filmmakers like Ruth Kadiri, Uche Nancy, Uchenna Mbunabo, and many others have adopted the same approach as they cast actors and actresses with talent while helping them beat the hurdles associated with being an upcoming actor or actresses like sexual harassment.

Chinenye Ulaegbu is well known for her top movies on YouTube. She mostly plays romantic roles due to her beauty and captivating personality and constantly receives beautiful remarks from fans for her thrilling performances.

She’s a bankable actress and one of the most sought-after in the movie industry.

Chinenye Ulaegbu is among the trending stars on YouTube as most of her movies hit thousands and millions of views a few weeks after they are released.

She’s notable for intriguing hit movies like “Finding The One” with Daniel Rocky, “Secret Of True Love” with Lizzy Gold Onuwaje and Ben Touitou, Last Maid, Burden, “The Love I Wanted”, “Woman Of Interest” with Deza The Great and Emem Inwang, “Rented Fiance” with Chike Dike, “Love By Chance” with Kenneth Nwadike, “Twisted”, and many more.

Chinenye who affirmed that she understood how the movie industry works after her film school bemoans how producers don’t pay upcoming actresses resulting in them doing many things(odd) to augment their lifestyle.

She also refuted claims that actors and actresses are wayward and said that the film industry didn’t contribute to such attitude unless the actor had been living such a life before joining the movie industry.

She said as a TV star, they(actors) need to be paid well to look good and be comfortable but many don’t live a good life and can’t even pay rent. She also noted that it takes an actor a certain period with a good number of movies to be valued and paid well for his craft.

Chinenye Ulaegbu is ready to explore several opportunities coming her way this year and in years to come. Apart from acting, she’s a fitness trainer and entrepreneur who sells wear.

She’s living a comfortable and contented life and is a very private actress who doesn’t share her love and family online. 

Ulaegbu loves to travel and loves food. She likes simple outfits and also appears decent and modest. She’s not uncontroversial and loves to mind her business while putting in work to achieve financial independence.


Chinenye Ulaegbu was born on May 25 1996 in the North to Mr and Mrs Ulaegbu but is a native of Enugu State. No information about her parents and siblings as she doesn’t talk about them.

The light-skinned actress was raised in the North where she had her primary and secondary school education then moved to Enugu State where she studied Banking And Finance at the Institute Of Management and Technology (IMT).

Is Chinenye Ulaegbu Married? (Who Is Chinenye Ulaegbu Husband)

No, she’s not married but revealed on Vanguard News in 2020 that she’s a difficult person to love. She said she spends time carrying herself and putting lots of effort into becoming independent and financially stable and doesn’t care about them as she doesn’t give them attention.

According to her, there is a right man for every woman and vice versa as she revealed that she experienced strong love in her teenage which she termed selfless and unconditional.

Chinenye Ulaegbu noted that her boyfriend first taught her how to kiss and it wasn’t about money or love because she was still young they didn’t break up but grew up after he moved to the United States and she moved from the North to Enugu for her University Education.

She couldn’t overemphasize her teenage love story and would love to get back to her first love if fate can bring them back together again or be with the right one who will support and love her career path.

Real Age/Date Of Birth

She was born on May 25, 1996.

Where Is Chinenye Ulaegbu From(Tribe/State Of Origin)

She’s a native of Enugu State but was born and raised in Northern Nigeria.


No information about her family. This page will be updated when she shares them on her social media handle.

Chinenye is not married so she doesn’t have children

Phone No

Chinenye Ulaegbu doesn’t share her phone numbers with the public but you can catch up with her daily lifestyle via Instagram @Chinenyeulaegbu


She’s worth $10,000. Chinenye lives in a beautiful apartment in Lagos and rides nice cars.

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