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Faith Amobi Adimchinaka Duke who’s popularly known as Faith Duke is an emerging actress, Indian pharmacist, filmmaker, entrepreneur. 

She’s well known for her role in the hit movie, “Between 2 Lovers” alongside Toosweet Annan and Georgina Ibeh which hit over 3 million views on YouTube.

According to her bio via her official Instagram page, she projects the image of Christ through films.

Faith is a dark-skinned and chubby actress who’s currently dominating the movie industry, most especially movies on YouTube. She comes from a religious background and always projects a decent and modest lifestyle in her dealings.

Duke has always been passionate about acting since childhood. In Secondary school in Enugu, many in her class knew she had always wanted to be an actress but her mindset changed as time went on due to several responsibilities she shouldered as the first child.

She had to focus on her education. After completing her secondary school education, she proceeded to India where she bagged a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy.

The delectable 25-year-old actress never had the intention to pursue acting fully as the enthusiasm she once had about the career diminished with time due to many responsibilities to cater to.

Arriving in Nigeria after her University education, she settled in Delta State. 

Delta State especially the city of Asaba is a popular place, well known as the hub of Nollywood as most movie productions take place there. 

She never had the mindset to kick-start an acting career fully but thought since she resides in a location where films are shot frequently, she should give it a try and then write several pharmaceutical exams and start practicing Pharmacy.

In 2022, she was called by someone to play a few scenes at a location in Asaba and that was her first time shooting a movie. She greeted everyone on the movie set and saw movie producer, Uche Nancy upstairs and also greeted her.

One thing led to another and Uche Nancy’s production manager reached out to her, noting that she would star in Uche Nancy’s movie.

Uche Nancy also affirmed that henceforth she would act in all her movies and Faith became emotional as she knelt to appreciate her.

Faith starred in her first movie, “Better Tomorrow” alongside Maurice Sam in 2022 where she played 3 scenes. Since then, she has constantly starred in scores of movies as she mesmerized fans and colleagues with her amazing acting skills, brains, and beauty.

Uche Nancy featured her in all her films and gave her a platform to shine before other producers and filmmakers started noticing her and she’s forever grateful for her. 

Faith sees Uche Nancy as her mother and appreciates her daughters, the popular Nollywood sisters, Sonia Uche and Chinenye Nnebe for always motivating her during her low moments in the movie industry.

Faith is well known for hit movies like Feelings, Tamed, Made For Love, Made For Love, Forever And Again, Forever And Always, Marriage & Twists, Not Lucky Yet Blessed, Hard To Love, Over Him, Love Triangle, Stranger In Our Lives, and many more.

Within a year from 2022 when she earned her spotlight in Uche Nancy Movie, she has starred in over 50 movies.

The gorgeous actress now doubles as a filmmaker with the launch of her production company, Faith Duke Production, and YouTube channel, FaithDuke TV which has garnered over 100,000 subscribers.

The first movie she produced was “Gen Z Lovers” alongside Eronini Osinachi, released in the First Week of December 2023, and dropped her second movie on December 15, 2023. This film titled “My Bestie” which she acted alongside Maurice Sam hit over 680,000 views within 5 days.

Faith is in the movie industry to stay as she brings her A-game to the table. She’s a sought-after actress and is loved for her wonderful movie role interpretations and consistently giving top-notch performances on set.

She’s the best fit for classic, glamour, and romantic movies and can also play other roles beautifully.

The delectable actress constantly gets wonderful remarks and reviews from global fans as they admire her professionalism and unique acting style. 

Faith has a good command of the English language and has amazing diction that thrilled her audience.

In a year, she has made tremendous success for herself. She’s one of the highest-paid young actresses in Nollywood and has a YouTube channel where she earns thousands of dollars.

She revealed that she wants to stay happy in the next 10 years and obviously, she’s open to new opportunities in the future as she continues to hone her acting skills.


Faith Duke was born Faith Duke Amobi Adimchinaka on September 15, 1998(age 25) to Mr And Mrs Amobi Duke in Enugu State but is a native of Oji River in Enugu State.

She’s the first child and has 3 siblings(3 sisters and a brother) namely Divine Duke, Goody Duke, and Jachike Duke.

Her father, Mr Amobi Duke is a priest in the Anglican Diocese of Nike, Enugu and her mother, Mrs Amobi Duke is a businesswoman.

The beautiful actress was raised in Enugu where she had her primary and Secondary school education after which she proceeded to India to pursue a bachelor in Pharmacy and graduated in 2022.

During her “Question And Answer’ session with fans on her YouTube channel in 2022, she revealed that her mother has always been a backbone and the one who keeps pushing her whenever she’s down and wants to give up.

Is Faith Duke Married(Faith Duke’s Husband)

Left, Faith and Chris Okagbue in movie, Tamed, Right, Faith and Toosweet Annan

No, she’s not married but revealed during her “Question and Answer” session on YouTube in 2022 that, she’s in a relationship and is not searching.

Although she has played romantic roles severally with Toosweet Annan, Chike Daniels, and Maurice Sam, it depicts her level of professionalism at her job and how she’s able to portray her role to intrigue her audience.

Does Faith Duke Have Children

She’s not married so she doesn’t have children.

Faith Duke Height

She’s 5″7 tall

Real Age

As of September 15, 2023, she was 25 years old.

Faith Duke State Of Origin(Where Is Faith Duke From/Tribe)

Adimchinaka is a native of Oji River Local Government Area in Enugu State.


She was born to Mr and Mrs Amobi Duke In Enugu State.

Phone No

Faith doesn’t share her contact with the public but actively responds to comments on social media so you can reach out to her there and catch up on her lifestyle via her Instagram handle @Dukefaith_


Faith is worth $20,000 and rides a Lexus RX 350. She lives in a beautiful apartment in Asaba, Delta State.

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