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Chigozie Stephanie Alichi who’s popularly known as Chizzy Alichi is one of the raves of the moment in the Nollywood Industry. 

Since she joined Nollywood by chance in 2010 after she spotted the Actors Guild Of Nigeria(AGN) banner on the street of Enugu she has remained consistent and has been breaking boundaries.

Chizzy Alichi strikes poses in her beautiful Lekki apartment in Lagos

There’s so much to know about one of Nigeria’s young millionaire actresses, Chizzy Alichi. 

From how she starved herself and saved money to build a befitting home for her parents in her hometown in Enugu in 2017, to how she was mocked by colleagues for not wearing designer outfits as one who’s in the entertainment industry are every bit of wonderful experiences that have shapen her to what she’s today.

Born on December 23, 1993 to Mr and Mrs Alexandra Alichi, Chizzy is a native of Ezza Nkwubor Nike in Enugu East Local Government Area in Enugu State. 

She was raised in Enugu State where she had her primary school education after which she proceeded to Nnewi, Anambra State for her Secondary School Education.

Chizzy Alichi attended Enugu State University Of Science And Technology(ESUT) where she bagged a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering.

Chizzy Alichi on vacation, skydiving in South Afican

The delectable actress has been passionate about acting since childhood. She often saves up to rent movies and watch. Her acting career started when she returned to Enugu from Nnewi, Anambra State. The actress saw a AGN banner and made inquiries. Then went for an audition and was picked to star in the movie, “Magic Money” in 2010.

Chizzy is naturally a shy person and according to her, she was selected because of her height. Her deal breaker in Nollywood was when she starred in the movie, “Akaraoku” directed by Yul Edochie in 2016.

The delectable actress joined the movie industry while in the higher institution and had to juggle both acting and education as she struck a balance between them.

Chizzy Alichi has always been a family-oriented woman. She cares a lot about her family and is her father’s favorite. She made headlines in 2017 after rebuilding her parents’ home in their hometown. She constructed a beautiful 4 master bedrooms, 2 parlours, 2 dining tables and 2 toilets. This triggered reactions online as she was interviewed by several media outlets.

Chizzy Alichi noted that while in the University, she worked at various outlets in Enugu and starved herself to save up to build her parents a beautiful home. 

She added that their home in the Village looks like a refuse dump and her parents don’t like going home for holiday because their house was in a terrible condition.

She further said her mother gets sick when she goes home for August Meeting and that her father had tried all he could to build a befitting home but he couldn’t so she took it upon herself to give them a beautiful home.

Before the construction, she moved her parents from a one bedroom in the slum in Enugu to a nice 3-bedroom apartment. Alichi noted that she wanted to buy another car but thought she should use the money to build their home instead since her car is still working fine. 

Regarding her not wearing designer outfits as one who’s into show business, she said (then) she had so many projects going on for her and that many don’t know how she was planning her life.

Now when we call out some of the most successful actresses in the new generation, Chizzy is among them.

She moved from Asaba to Enugu to upgrade her life and has an office in Lekki where she runs her cryptocurrency(Bitcoin) business. She also runs a Children TV show titled Xperience. The maiden edition ceremony took place in December 2022.

Her main reason for relocating to Lagos is to gain more connections and starred in cinema movies. Bigger gigs(job) are coming already. Chizzy Alichi has so many projects she’s working on. She now doubles as a producer and runs Chizzy Nollywood TV that has garnered 158,000 YouTube subscribers.

With 5 hit 2023 movies like Consent, Possessive, Siblings, Nicked Act, Blind Eye, and Two-faced with Consent having 1.3 million views, she’s on the right foot to greatness as a producer.

Chizzy is an exceptionally talented actress and also one of the most booked actresses in Nollywood. She has appeared in scores of movies in 2023 and they are Inside Marriage, Beyond Betrayal, Ultimate Sacrifice, Lost In Trust, Osinachi The Village Seer, and more more.

Chizzy Alichi said some times ago that she doesn’t kiss on movie sets because she can’t stand mouth odour. She also said she can’t date or marry a man with mouth odour and dirty teeth even though he’s rich.

Chizzy Alichi got married to Chike Ugochukwu in a star-studded traditional marriage ceremony on December 28, 2019. They have been happily married for 3 years.

Regarding having children, many have wondered why they have not had kids since their marriage in 2019. During her interview with Kemi Filani News in November 2022, she clarified it.

The actress said she decided not to have after marriage for personal reasons but she’s ready now. She noted that she would love to have 5 kids, so we should be hearing baby’s cry from her soon. Will update this page when she welcomes her baby. 

Regarding divorce in marriage, Chizzy said it depends on the spouse one is married to. She affirmed that her husband is a very understanding person and also supports her career. She added that she always knew that love doesn’t sustain marriage because it vanishes but friendship with one partner does. 

She further said she has known her husband for a long time and he supports her in everything she does. Chizzy said she became a producer after marriage and launched her TV show too, adding that she knows some of her colleagues who quit acting after they got married. 

She said some time during his leisure time he visits her on the movie set. 

The duo are among the favorite celebrity couples in the entertainment industry. They often grace our screens with their affectionate moments.

How Old Is Chizzy Alichi?

She’s 29 and will be 30 on December 23, 2023.

Where Is Chizzy Alichi From?

Ezza Nkwubor Nike in Enugu East Local Government Area in Enugu State.

Chizzy Alichi Daughter/Sisters

She doesn’t have a daughter yet and is not a twin either. Many have searched the query many times on the internet. Chizzy is not a twin.

Chizzy Alichi with a beautiful child actress on movie set

How Long Has Chizzy Alichi Been Married?

She has been married for 4 years and will celebrate her 4th wedding anniversary in December 2023.

Does Chizzy Alichi Have Children(Is Chizzy Alichi Pregnant?)

She’s not pregnant and doesn’t have children yet but said in 2022 during an interview that she’s ready to have kids after 3 years of marriage but didn’t have after marriage in 2019 due to personal reasons.

Has Chizzy Alichi Given Birth?

No, she hasn’t given birth

Chizzy Alichi And Destiny Etiko

Chizzy and Destiny have had a rift(beef) going on for a long time now. They unfollowed each other on Instagram a long time ago and it was alleged that the cause of the beef was because Destiny snatched a movie role from Chizzy years ago. 

They haven’t both opened up on what the real issue is but we thought all was about to go fine with them when Destiny Etiko posted Chizzy’s show on her Instagram story in December 2022 to support her but it appears they haven’t still settled.

Chizzy didn’t celebrate Destiny on her birthday on August 12, 2023. We hope they resolve their issues soon. 

Destiny Etiko And Chizzy Alichi Who’s The Richest?

It would be difficult to tell who’s richer because they are both very successful actresses with many assets in their names.

House, Cars, And Net-worth

Chizzy lives in a luxurious apartment in Lekki Phase 1 in Lagos with her husband. 

Chizzy Alichi poses inside and outside her brand new Mercedez Benz

On July 25, 2023, she announced that she acquired a mansion in Lagos and posted the video. Chizzy Alichi rides exotic cars ranging from Mercedes Benz to Toyota Brands. She’s worth $500,000.

Phone No

Chizzy phone number is 2347025650002. This is her business line and is strictly for business purposes. You can also reach her via her Instagram page @chizzyalichi

Chizzy Alichi’s Father Dies

Popular actress, show host, and filmmaker, Chizzy Alichi Mbah lost her father to the cold hands of death on Saturday, December 16, 2023. Chizzy announced his demise on her official instagram page, noting that words failed her.

She called her father her first love, stating she’s broken and that her whole life has turned upside down. She affirmed that this wasn’t their plan and that why would he die without carrying her children. Alichi revealed that the pain is so much on her but she can’t question God, adding that she is glad that she has given him everything he wished for when he was alive. Chizzy Alichi cried for him to come back to her as soon as possible because she doesn’t understand what was going on, adding that the first call she received this morning was the news of her father’s death.

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