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Uche Nancy is not a new face in the world of Nollywood. She has been behind the scenes as a costumier for over 15 years before venturing into filmmaking which has been a lucrative journey for her.

Although she once said she became a producer to enable female actresses showcase their talents and curb some of the major challenges faced in the movie industry like sexual harassment by raunchy producers and directors she has contributed to the Nollywood’s rich culture with a intriguing stories.

Uche is a well known costumier who supplies costumes to filmmakers and actors in Delta and Enugu. There are also findings that she runs a luxurious bouquet in Asaba. At the beginning, her journey was so rough for her. She single handedly trained her 4 children, 2 of which are talented actresses and they are all successful in their endeavors.

She completed her first mansion in 2020 and in 2 years, she built three production houses in Asaba. You would agree with me that she’s one of the biggest movie producers in Nigeria. She has more than 100 workers working for her production company and they all love her. Many of them said she doesn’t owe them salaries and that she is fun to be with.

With over 1 million YouTube subscribers on Uche Nancy TV and over 100 movies that have garnered over 200 million views, you would agree with me that she’s one of the richest producers in Nollywood.

Uche Nancy Husband

Uche has never talked about her ex-husband on social media or in interviews and doesn’t even use his name, except 2 of her daughters, Ijeoma and Chinenye Nnebe who still use it. It is obvious that she does not want to be reminded of her past due to unpleasant experiences that she wouldn’t want to share with the public. Soon or later, her heart might be softened to share it.

How Old Is Uche Nancy

Uche was born on March 3, 1974 in Anambra State. She turned 50 on March 3, 2024. To mark her 50th birthday, she acquired her 4th mansion and also added a brand new car to her garage.

Who Is Uche Nancy

Uche is a native of Anambra State born to Mr and Mrs Uche. She was once married but got separated from her ex-husband, Mr Nnebe years ago and is currently single. Over the years, she single handedly took care of her children.

How to Join Uche Nancy Production

Uche produces several movies weekly and anytime she’s short of cast, she announces auditions online. 

You can call her on, 07083788406 for enquiries or Call her workers, IK- 08133490593, or Mimi- 09073160043 for enquiries about acting. 

Read the image below. The criteria for selection is there.

Uche Nancy: Health, Husband,Daughters, First Child, Lastborn, Age, Mansions

What Are The Names Of Uche Nancy Daughters And Their Ages

Ihuoma Sonia Uche: Uche Nancy first child, Sonia is a renowned actress and entrepreneur that runs a hair business in Asaba, Delta State. She’s in her early 30s and is a few years older than her immediate younger sister.

Ijeoma Omah Nnebe: Uche Nancy second child, Omah is a entrepreneur and YouTuber. She runs a clothing store in Asaba and has over 80,000 YouTube subscribers. She’s in a relationship with her longtime lover and is 29 years old. Omah was born on July 20, 1994. She is 2 years older than her immediate younger sister.

On Thursday, January 11, 2024, Omah announced that she would welcome a baby with her husband via her official Instagram page and noted that she couldn’t be more happier about the good news.

Chinanu Nnebe: Uche Nancy Third Child, Chinanu is a fashion designer and has a big fashion house in Asaba. She’s also in her 20s.

Chinenye Nnebe: Uche Nancy’s last child, Chinenye is the most popular of them all. She’s a renowned actress and filmmaker with over 1 million Instagram followers. She also has thousand of subscribers on YouTube. Chinenye is in her late 20s. She was born in 1997.

Uche Nancy TV

Uche Nancy  TV is a YouTube channel that portrays African culture and story is its sweetest form. Uche’s channel is addictive and that is why she was able to accumulate over 1.5 million subscribers, earning her thousands of dollars monthly.

Where Is Uche Nancy now

She’s currently in her one of her mansions in Asaba, Delta State. In July 2023, Uche Nancy was on vacation in Lebanon with her daughters, Sonia, Oma, Chinenye, Chinanu and her adopted daughter, Oluebube Obio and her worker, Nkechi Salvation, a Nollywood costumier.

Apart from this vacation, the family has traveled to US, UK, Dubai and many other countries for holiday. She goes on Holidays more than 3 times in a year.

Uche Nancy Health Condition

In 2022, she had serious health problems ranging from Blood Pressure(BP) to weakness of the body. Nancy is hale and hearty again thanks to the support of her children. Note; She is in good health condition now.

On her adopted daughter, Oluebube Obi’s birthday, she thanked her for relieving her of BP and also thanked her parents for training her to be a responsible girl.

Uche Nancy Latest Movies

These are newly released movies that you would love and learn from.

* Love For Sale

* Caught In The Net

* Wind Of Grace

* The Boss Lady

* The Riot

* Wounded Heart

* Unclean

* Between 2 Lovers and many more.

Uche Nancy Net-worth 

Uche owns 3 mansions in Asaba, Delta State, has over 1.5m YouTube subscribers, and has over 3 luxurious cars including Toyota SUV. She’s worth over 200 million Naira. This is just an estimate. It should be more than that as she goes on vacation with her children more than 3 times a year.

Uche Nancy Attributes The Success Of Her Company To Her Managing Director, Miracle Nebo aka Miracle Nolly

On December 18, 2023, Uche Nancy took to her verified Instagram account to thank her managing director, Miracle Nebo aka MiracleNolly for overseeing her business diligently.

Nancy urged her family and fans to help her appreciate Miracle, noting that she has been managing her company without stressing her in anyway. She stated that since she met her through Mary Igwe who sent her to co-ordinate a job for her as a script supervisor in 2010, she has been wonderful and deligent in carrying out her duties and taking all the nonsense without complaining.

Uche further said she doesn’t know how to thank her but prayed that God Almighty will come through for her and grant her heart desires. She prayed that 2024 will be a greater year for her, adding that her family and the entire company appreciate her.

The movie producer noted that it’s not easy to trust a person, thanking her for being who she’s. She affirmed that in 2024, she will be doings lots of travels and Miracle will be in charge of her company, urging everyone to give her their support because when they see Miracle, they have seen her.

Uche has over 100 staff and none has ever complained about her. She’s good to them and they are happy working with her. On December 20, 2023, Uche Nancy Production End Of The Year Party took place. Food items and many other things were shared as they thanked God for a successful year. Watch “End Of The Year Party” Video Below.

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