Teen Actress, Sharon Ifedi Pranks Boyfriend, Biography, Net-worth, Phone No

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Sharon Ifedi who’s popularly known as Star Girl marked her 20th birthday on the 23rd of March 2024. The dark-skinned beauty who started as a child actress has grown to become one of the most exceptionally talented teen actresses in Nigeria.

Star girl is one of the top teen actresses with exceptional acting abilities. Her acting prowess, diction, charisma, and top-notch interpretation of her roles on set are unmatched.

Over the years, she has grown into a very beautiful and intelligent actress and her brilliant performances have swept fans off their feet. She’s no longer a child as she now plays matured roles while entertaining audience home and abroad with intriguing movies.

Sharon has gained admission into Dennis Osadebe University in Asaba, Delta State as her matriculation took place on February 29, 2024. Time moves fast as friends, family, celebrities, and senior colleagues in the film industry sent congratulatory messages.

Many have asked if she’s in a relationship. Of course, Sharon is now an adult and has the right to explore love with the one close to her heart. Although she’s still young to be thinking of that, she’s more focused on her education and building a strong brand for herself in Nollywood.

Who’s Sharon Ifedi Boyfriend

Sharon is still young to indulge in sexual and romantic activities but many said she’s allegedly in a relationship with talented teen Actor, Darlington Azoro.

In a video shared by a YouTuber in 2023, Nigeria Insight, she pranked her alleged boyfriend on a movie set. On the movie set, she came in and he told her that he had something for her.

Then he tried to kiss her and she started screaming, saying she doesn’t like that. Sharon said Darlington often created an impression that they are dating on social media and she doesn’t like it. She flared up and left the scene and the director called her back, stating that he doesn’t like what she was doing on his set.

Sharon said she’s too young to have a boyfriend, adding that she hasn’t even gained admission into the University.

Then, Darlington tried explaining things to her and she kept screaming. At one point, Darlington got angry and left the set, stating that he was not acting again. He left the room and Sharon started smiling. It was all a prank and he didn’t know.

Sharon Ifedi Relationship with Zubby Michael

There’s one celebrity Sharon loves so much in the movie industry. Their bond is so strong. They don’t see every time but whenever they see, they connect easily and share beautiful moments. The amazing thing is that the feeling is mutual.

The person I’m talking about here is Zubby Michael. Sharon calls him Mr. White and dedicated a song titled “Evidence” to him some years ago. The duo has also played romantic roles together in several movies and fans couldn’t help but love their chemistry, wishing that they become an item soon.

Movies She Has Starred In

Love Bond

Love Matilda

A Glimpse Of Hope

The Mystery Child

The Girl Born With Heavenly Powers

The Promise

Gift Of Death

Not Yet Time

Our Father’s Son

Tears Of Oma

Last Of Ala

Gift Of Death

Painful Smile

Trauma: The Innocent Little Girl

Over the years, she acted in over 100 movies and gave exceptional performances in all.

Sharon Ifedi Net-worth

Sharon is one of the highest-paid teen actresses in Nollywood and has signed several endorsement deals with top brands ranging from skincare to real estate.

In addition, Ifedi has over 10,000 subscribers on YouTube with a couple of music videos and short movie clips on her channel.

Based on these findings, her Net-worth is estimated to be around 10 million Naira.

Where Sharon Lives and Her Phone Number

Sharon lives in Asaba, Delta State, and has never shared her phone number with the public. However, you can reach her on Instagram via her handle, @ifedisharon.

Where Is Sharon Ifedi Now?

Sharon currently lives in Asaba, Delta State and gained admission into Dennis Osadebe University, Asaba, Delta State in February 2024.

Is Sharon Ifedi related to Uche Nancy

No, she’s not related to the movie producer but sees her as a mother and a mentor in the film industry.

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