Sonia Uche Real Husband, Son, Twin Sister, Age, Latest Movies, Siblings, Mother

Sonia Uche Husband, Biography, Son, Twin Sister, Age, Latest Movies, Siblings, Mother

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Sonia Uche is delectable actress, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. She’s the first child/daughter of popular movie producer and costumier, Uche Nancy.

Since her breakthrough movie, Frank’s Wife in 2019, she has dominated the movie industry. Her mother often calls her, her Genevieve Nnaji, and fans and colleagues have attested to that. She’s the epitome of beauty and class.

Sonia Uche and her Mother

Unlike her younger sister, Chinenye Nnebe who started acting at age 7 in the early 2000s, Sonia started acting in 2019 which was a year after she bagged a bachelor’s degree at the University of Abuja.s

While acting, she diversified her income to increase her earnings. She owns a hair extension called Soniahair in Asaba, Delta State, and has also produced a couple of hit movies.

Uche has become one of the favorites of movie lovers. She’s as loved as her younger sister, Chinenye Nnebe. Some of her new hit movies are Stitches And Love where she played a love role with the talented Maurice Sam, and the movie titled, The Hurt You Give.

It’s exciting to see how fast she has grown in the movie industry. Sonia got better with each passing day and that is why she has a large audience within and outside Nigeria.

Just like her younger sister, Chinenye, Uche was also inspired by her mother, Uche Nancy to join the film industry and was her guidance and coach till she mastered her craft and honed her skill in her chosen career.

How Old Is Sonia Uche

She was born on May 25 in the early 1990s. She is in her early 30s.

Sonia Uche and her adopted sister, Oluebube Obio

Who Is Sonia Uche Real Husband

Many times, she has been romantically linked with star actors like Maurice Sam and Stephen Odimgbe aka Flashboy. Sonia is not married and hopefully, she will soon. She’s more focused on growing her brand as she often uses her verified Instagram page to advertise her hair extension when she’s not on a movie set.

Is Sonia Uche Married In Real Life

No, she’s single and is very private about her relationship life, and only shares work-related posts online. This page will be updated when she gets married. 

Her younger sister, Omah Nnebe is in a relationship and often shares loved-up photos with her man online.

Sonia Uche Movies In 2023

Sonia has appeared in scores of movies in 2023. She’s a sought-after actress in Nollywood and also the highest-paid actress.

Here are some of her latest movies. 

*Love & Stitches(Must watch. So intriguing)

*Midnight Sunshine

*Saints And Sinners

*Honest Mistake

*Loving Heart

*Blind Love


*Wounded Heart

*Don’t Leave Me

*Love Ticket

Sonia and her younger sister, Chinenye often star In movies together. Their combo(combination) is always captivating. Check those films out, you will love them.

Who Is Sonia Uche Child

Sonia doesn’t have a child. She was rumored to have given birth but it’s all false.

Is Sonia Uche A Nigerian Actress?

Yes, Sonia is a Nigerian actress but has several large audiences from other African countries like Gambia, Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, South Sudan, and many others.

Is Sonia and Chinenye Sisters?

Yes. Sonia is Chinenye’s elder sister. They are biological sisters. 

Sonia Uche Whatsapp Number

Her Whatsapp number is not available online but you can reach her via her Instagram handle, Sonia_uche

Sonia Uche Twin Sister

Sonia doesn’t have a twin sister but shares a striking resemblance with her younger sister, Omah Ijeoma Nnebe.

Where Is Sonia Uche Now

She’s currently on vacation in Lebanon with her mother and siblings.

Sonia Uche and Maurice Sam

Sonia and talented actor, Maurice Sam have played romantic roles in several movies and fans love them together. They currently spark dating rumors but if it’s true, they let the cat out of the bag sooner or later. 

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    “I have a deep fondness for Sonia’s films, often spending my entire day immersed in her cinematic creations. Meeting her in person would be a cherished dream come true, filling my heart with contentment. I hold a deep affection for both her and her sister, Chinenye, as well as Maurene Sam and Christian Ochiagha.”

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