N10 million Raised For Ailing Veteran Actor, Sule Suebebe, Pastor To Begin His Building

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Following the likes of veteran celebrities, Iya Gbonkan, Pariolodo, Lalude, and Alapini Oosha seeking financial assistance online, popular veteran actor, Dayo Adewunmi, aka Sule Suebebe made headlines after his deteriorating health condition surfaced online.

On June 29, 2023, the veteran actor lamented about his critical health condition seeking financial assistance. He noted that he was living a wrecked life and that people should come to his rescue.

Popular Ibadan-based pastor, Agbala Gabriel posted the viral video online and pleaded with his fans to help him.

Sule Suebebe was taken from his hometown in Ekiti to Pastor Agbala’s Church in Ibadan. He could barely work so was carried by the Pastor’s members. As of then, 7 million Naira was raised by fans, supporters, sympathizers, and well-wishers.

On Sunday, July 10, 2023, Sule was on live with the cleric, Agbala where he apologized for everything he did when he was young and youthful.

He noted that while he was young, he was a musician and has money, adding that his house was filled with clothes and shoes but he didn’t have anyone to mentor him or guide him to the right path.

He explained that he would have prostrated but his health condition won’t allow him as he begged fans for forgiveness.

Sule apologized especially to the women that he offended in one way or the other in the past, noting that he had a lady abroad that welcomed his child some years ago and is looking for the woman and his child. The Ekiti-state thespian is currently being taken care of by Pastor Gabriel.

In other news, media personality, Esabod accused Sule Suebebe Of Being a Deadbeat Father

While many debates if Sule Suebebe is married or not, a Turkish-based Nigerian media personality, Esabod has called him out of not being a good husband and father.

She accused him of being a deadbeat father and husband and this is Karma he’s experiencing. She also noted that she’s not happy with his condition, alleging that he has prostate cancer. 

N10 Million Raised For Sule Suebebe, Pastor Gabriel Agala Begins His House

Fans, well-wishers, and supporters, in a week, have raised 10 million Naira for the ailing veteran actor and his building has commenced immediately, all thanks to Pastor Gabriel.

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