Biafra Minister:Simon Ekpa Arrest, Twitter, Wife, Age, Son, Origin, Net-worth

Biafra Minister:Simon Ekpa Arrest, Twitter, Wife, Age, Son, Origin, Net-worth

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Finnish-Nigerian lawyer, former athlete and politician, Simon Ekpa has been in the news since he emerged as a factional leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra. Simon was a lead broadcaster of Biafra before he became the Prime Minster Of The Biafra Republic Government in-Exile(BRGIE) and carries out his orders through constant live broadcast.

There’s so much to this Finnish politician and Human rights activist than we think. He has been accused of aiding and abetting several killings of his people in South East through the Sit-At-home orders in the bid to get his commander, Mazi Nnamdi Kalu released.

His he going about it the right way? Hmmm!! I don’t think so!!! The Sit-At-Home order has been on for 2 years now and it has crippled the economy in the Igboland.

Simon announced a week Sit-at-home order on the 14th of June 2023 which started 3rd of July and ends July 10. He trended on Wednesday(July 5) after several attacks were inflicted on the people.

He had noted that the Sit-at-home order would stop when Biafran Leader, Nnamdi Kanu is released, insisting that he would stop oil exploitation in Biafra land if his demands are not met.

Many resisted the Sit-At-Home Civil Disobedience order on Wednesday(July 5) and went about their businesses in some part of the East. They were attacked by unknown gunmen who are said to be Ekpa’s faction of Biafra.

There are several cases broadcasted on the news and various media outlets.

In Ebonyi State, Masked gunmen attacked some residents and traders to enforce the order. 

Hoodlums dressed in red attires were also seen setting some tricycles on fire and destroying goods in market.

There was also sporadic shooting by unknown gunmen in other part of the East.

Since Simon said releasing Nnamdi Kanu will stop the Sit-At-Home order in the East, Is it ideal for the Federal Government to release him?  They might not, obviously for security purpose.

Despite all these happenings, the Biafra has disassociate themselves from Simon.

In a statement by its Media and Publicity secretary, Emma Powerful said nothing like one-week Sit-At-Home order from IPOB, adding that people should disassociate themselves from any purported call for a week Sit-At-Home in Igboland.

Emma also said the one week Sit-At-Home order is irresponsible and trash not worthy complying with.

In February 2023, Simon was accused for inciting violence against his people and was arrested by the Finnish government but was later released. 

Also, Yle(Finnish Broadcasting company) reported that Ekpa was being suspected of having raised funds illegally.

Biafra Minister:Simon Ekpa Arrest, Twitter, Wife, Age, Son, Origin, Net-worth

Who’s Simon Ekpa

Simon was born on the 21st of March in 1985 to Late King Nwangbo. He’s a native of Ohaukwu, Ebonyi State. 

The athlete won a silver medal for Nigeria at Junior Athletics Championships in Cameroon in 2003 and relocated to Finland in 2007. He’s a Finland politician and a member of the National Coalition Party(Kokoomus).

After his higher education, he attended Aberystwyth University where he bagged a Master’s degree in Law and later attended ABMS Group in Switzerland where he obtained a Doctorate in Business Law.

He’s the founder and CEO of Ekpa & Co Oy, a law firm that focuses on immigration law.

Who’s Simon Ekpa Wife

He’s happily married to a Finnish woman and is blessed with a son, Prince Adam Ekpa. Simon kept his family off the media.

Was Simon Ekpa Arrested In Finland

Yes, he was arrested at his home in Lahti after allegations of inciting violence in the Eastern part of Nigeria but was later released by the Finnish authority.

Is Simon Ekpa A Soldier

He was a member of the Finland Military Reserve Force.

Is Simon Ekpa From Akwa Ibom?

No he’s from Ohaukwu community in Ebonyi State.

Simon Ekpa Twitter

In his recent tweet, he was spotted celebrating, as he congratulated everyone on the ongoing a week Sit-At-Home, wishing them success. His Twitter handle is @simon_ekpa

Simon Ekpa Net-worth

He’s a successful lawyer, former athlete, activist, and Finnish politician. He’s worth over $4 million

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