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Adekunle Iyiola Afodurin who’s popularly known as Kunle Afod is a renowned actor, movie director, producer, and filmmaker.

He’s a well known actor in the Yoruba movie industry. He has been acting for over 25 years and has carved a niche for himself. Kunle Afod’s breakout role in Nollywood classic, “Owo Blow” in 1996 kick-started his journey in Nollywood and shot him to the spotlight.

He also starred in popular old movies such as Solo Makinde, Ewe Orun, Ija Omode, Atanda Eru Obodo, and Ade Ferrari.

Afod is a force to be reckoned with. He’s a multi-talented actor who has starred in over 200 movies and has directed over 100 movies. 

His latest movie direction and production, Esin Baba was crafted to create awareness about religion, noting that no matter one’s religious beliefs, as couples or a society, we should learn to cope with each other and condone our differences.

Kunle said during an interview in 2023 that growing up wasn’t easy and that as a first child of four children, he stayed with his uncle before attending school. But despite the struggles, he believes in Hard-work and consistency.

These two qualities have been working for him and we can verify that he’s one of the top notch actors and movie directors whose works speak for him, home and abroad.

Kunle is a believer of “The Wealth In Human” principle and not “Wealth In The Bank”. According to Davido’s words, we rise by lifting others. 

Kunle believes that wealth is the number of people one has made successful and not the amount of money in one’s bank account.

Afod once noted that being famous doesn’t equate to being wealthy, adding that one can be broke and still be famous. He said celebrities also face challenges and don’t pray that fall, noting that he believes in the result of his sweats.

However, he noted that he’s still struggling in his acting career and that he believes very soon, things will go as planned. We can verify that the actor has done well for himself in the Yoruba movie and is earning big from his hard work and commitment.

He’s a sought-after actor and director in the Yoruba movie industry. He earns nothing less than N200,000 for acting and N400,000 for directing and also has a YouTube channel,” Kunle Afod TV” where he earns thousands of dollars. His YouTube channel has garnered 11,500 subscribers.

Kunle Afod loves to travel and has been to US, UK, Canada and many others. Judging by these, he’s a successful actor and is worth $200,000(Net-worth).

Kunle is happily married to Desola Afod and is blessed with four sons. He had his first daughter, a US Army: Oyinkansola Afod(age 20, born May 30, 2003), with his ex-lover, a US-based actress, Queen Oluwa and often visits them during leisure time. 

Kunle currently lives with his wife and sons in a nice apartment in Lagos and rides nice cars. He’s a founding member of the Afrimek(African Men Association), an organization founded by Yoruba Nollywood actors in which Femi Adebayo is their Mayor.

The group has many high-profile actors like Jigan Babaoja, Adeniyi Johnson, Oshe Omobanke, Omo Adugbo, Amuda Eko, Itele Icon, Lateef Adedimeje, Ibrahim Chatta, Top-right Iledo, Mustapha Sholagbade and many others. 

It was inaugurated in Lagos in 2023, with Femi Adebayo installed as their Mayor. Their slogan is, “Awarawalawa” meaning, “We are here for each other”.

The association was established to promote the African men and to offer support where needed for the growth and development of the association.


Kunle Iyiola Afod was born to Mr and Mrs Afod on October 24, 1973 in Lagos but is a native of Ibadan, Oyo State. He’s the first child of 3 siblings(2 brothers and a girl). He lost his father years ago but his mother, who’s popularly known as Iya Nurse is still alive.

Kunle Afod’s late father

They were single handedly raised by their mother and all attended boarding schools. Growing up was tough as things weren’t rosy for them.

As the first child, he stayed with Uncle. He had his primary school education in Festac, Lagos and also attended Command Day Secondary School in Jos in 1991(32 years ago).

After his secondary school education, he ventured into acting, and according to him, he has been struggling to survive since then. He affirmed during his interview with “The Nation” that he’s still struggling despite his fame and that one wouldn’t want to fall behind when others are growing.

Kunle Afod 50th Birthday

Kunle marked his 50th birthday on Tuesday, October 24, 2023, in Lagos. It’s a golden jubilee for the actor as he threw a big party where top Nollywood stars were in attendance.

Nollywood celebrities like Odunlade Adekola, Adeniyi Johnson, Seyi Edun, Femi Adebayo, Olayinka Solomon, Kemmy Korede, and many others stormed the occasion. The AFRIMEK brothers were also present in their full regalia as they took center stage to dance and celebrate with him. Check his Instagram handle via @Kunleafod to watch videos.

Kunle Afod Sprayed money on his mother, Iya Nurse on his 50th birthday.

His beloved mother, Iya Nurse was presented at the event and was sprayed money. His sons and wife also graced the occasion in style, looking stunning in matching colorful native attires.

Happened What To Actor Kunle Afod

Kunle is hale and hearty but survived a ghastly motor accident on January 17, 2023.

What Is Kunle Afod Real Name

His name is Adekunle Iyiola Afodurin.

Who’s Oyinkansola Afod

Kunle Afod with his daughter, Oyinkansola Afod in the US in 2022

Oyin is Kunle’s first child. A product of his relationship with his ex-lover, Queen Oluwa, a Yoruba actress. She was born May 30, 2003 and is 20-year-old. She was inducted into the US Army in early 2023.

Kunle Afod on live chat with his daughter, Oyinkansola Afod at his 50th birthday party.

Who Is The Mother Of Oyinkansola Afod

Queen Oluwa is the mother of Oyinkansola Afod. She’s an entrepreneur and a Nollywood actress in her 40s. She lives in the US. Apart from Oyinkansola, she has other lovely children.

Who’s Desola Afod(First Wife, Second Wife).

Desola Afod is the only wife of Kunle Afod. He doesn’t have a second wife.

Desola is the mother of Kunle’s four good-looking boys and was born on July 26, 1982. She is currently 41-year-old. She’s a very industrious woman and very hard working. She’s a brand influencer, support worker and does errand services and airport pickups as she delivers goods to people’s doorstep from the airport. She also sends foodstuffs abroad.

In a recent interview in January 2024 on actress, Debbie Shokoya’s show, Debbie Show Tv, Desola revealed that she was the one who first approached Kunle Afod for a relationship, adding that she likes a man who’s dark-skinned and not too fat or too thin. She noted that she was so young then and told him that she likes him.

Furthermore, she stated that Kunle is someone she respects so much and at the time her heart wanted him. She added that she doesn’t know what he was going through then but she was among those Kunle was dating at that time.

The mother of 4 mentioned that it was because she was determined to be with him that was why they are still together and that she has been dating him since 2002 and has never thought of packing her lugguage out of his home.

Desola explained that she likes children and welcomed all her 4 sons through Cesarean section(CS), noting that she wanted to have 5 kids but Kunle Afod is scared of pregnancy and often run whenever she gets pregnant.

Kunle Afod with his beautiful wife, Desola Afod

In October 2022, she announced that she had parted ways with her husband, Kunle Afod. This was when Kunle visited his daughter at his ex-lover’s place in the US. This made headlines as many who admired their marriage became unhappy. Desola later reversed her statement and affirmed that she still loves her husband and nothing can separate them.

She’s one of the popular celebrity wives in Nigeria, with over 600,000 Instagram followers. 


Kunle is blessed with four children(sons). Omiayo Afod, Desire Afod, Yiyenitemi Afod, and Imodola Afod.

Desola Afod and Kunle Afod’s children at his 50th birthday party


Kunle Afod has 3 siblings( 2 brothers and a sister). We only have photos of one of them, Olanrewaju Emmanuel Afod aka Lanre Afod, an actor, singer and filmmaker.

Kunle Afod’s younger brother, Lanre Afod

Latest Movies 2023

Kunle is still active in movies and has appeared in scores of movies this year. 

  • Ide Ase
  • Adajo Ake
  • Ifemi
  • Ise Solomon
  • Aro Lore
  • Oku Ada
  • Alasepe
  • Inner Peace

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