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Frederick Leonard who’s popularly called “Film Lord” is a renowned veteran actor, filmmaker, producer, and brand influencer.

Film Lord is one of the few actors who has a blend of originality and creative mastery in his craft and these have endeared him to his global audience. 

He kick-started his acting career in 2001 and later went off the screen to complete his University Education. He made a comeback in the movie “Indian Doctor” in 2008 and since then, he has imprinted the aura of acting excellence and top-notch role delivery on his fans.

Frederick Leonard strikes a pose in his car

According to him, consistency and diligence brought him this far. He also said acting wasn’t his birthright and the opportunity to excel in the craft didn’t come on a silver platter, adding that he attended several auditions and got rejected.

He also got accepted likewise in some auditions and those were what brought him this far.

Since 2008, Frederick has delivered stellar performances and exhibited a range of depth and professionalism in the film industry. He’s a born actor as he plays his role effortlessly and flawlessly.

According to him, acting is his happiness, and that he’s paid to play. He also said acting is what he loves and enjoys doing.

Over the years, Frederick Leonard has mastered his craft as he got better in every production. His good looks, charisma, acting prowess, and creativity are unmatched and that’s why he’s called “Film Lord”.

He brags differently and stays on his lane giving fans top-notch content and making them happy. 

Now that the online streaming platform, YouTube has dominated the movie industry as an instrument that projects Nigerian stories and culture to the world, Fred isn’t left behind despite being a veteran actor as he has continued to dominate YouTube, reaching millions of views in every movie he starred in.

Frederick Leonard with Chinenye Ubah on set

Some hit movies he starred in that generated millions of views are “Love And Sham” with Sarian Martins, “7 Days To Get Rid Of My Ex” with Chizzy Alichi, “Forced Love” with Onyii Alex and Ebube Nwagbo, “Melting Desire” with Miwa Olorunfemi and many others.

He has a huge fanbase that loves and respects his craft and personality.

He’s dubbed by fans as “Film Lord” because of his exceptional acting abilities and he’s living up to his nickname as he regularly dishes out quality content with exceptional theatric and artistic expressions.

Fred knows his onion in the film industry and showcases a high degree of confidence and professionalism at work.

He’s a bankable actor and one of the most sought-after in Nollywood.

The handsome actor also has a YouTube channel with over 250,000 subscribers, earning thousands of dollars. He made his production debut in 2019 with the movie “Grey”, followed by “Void”. 

Frederick Leonard with Ebube Nwagbo on set

Also, in 2023, he produced the film “Stay” and played a love role with Mary Igwe. He then produced “Obidike” and played a lead role with Uju Okoli; the film projects the culture and customs of Nigeria and the struggles and hardships of a man.

Frederick Leonard is one of the most successful actors in Nollywood. According to him, he’s an introvert and doesn’t party. Also, he keeps a small circle of friends and doesn’t smoke or drink.

Fred is a very reserved actor and doesn’t show off. He’s happily married to his colleague, Peggy Ovire who he became friends with in 2015 and they currently live in Lekki, Lagos.

He has signed several multi-million Naira endorsement deals. He’s the brand ambassador and the official face of Nigeria Whisky, Grand Moscato.

Frederick Leonard Biography

Frederick Nnaemeka Leonard was born to Mr and Mrs Leonard on May 1, 1980, in Lagos but is a native of Anambra State. He enjoyed his childhood as his parents explored different recreational centers like Amusement Park and National Theatre in Igbanmu in Lagos. 

His parents knew the true essence of morals and values in an upright child.

Although he thought they were being strict, he later realized it was for his own good.

Frederick Leonard attended St. Peter’s Anglican Primary School, Alausa, Ikeja, and Oregun High School, Oregun, Lagos.

After his secondary school education, he proceeded to Kaduna State Polytechnic where he bagged a Higher National Diploma in Biochemistry. His late mother wanted him in the science department and so, he pleased her and he was happy he did.

Interestingly, he joined the film industry immediately after he finished his tertiary education and never practiced biochemistry.

Frederick Leonard lost his parents years ago. His mother’s death struck his heart and created a void in his life. Hopefully, his wife is patching things up and giving him what to hope for again.

Fred’s parents were high on value and knew the true essence of raising an upright child. They were liberal and didn’t force him to choose a career path as they believed he could achieve success in anything he did.

Who is Frederick Leonard’s Wife?

Left, Fred with his wife in her movie, “Endless Love”, released in November 2023. Their chemistry in the film was awesome and it garnered over 1 million views a week after its release

Frederick Leonard is happily married to Peggy Ovire; a friend and colleague he met in 2015.

In 2019, while he was listed among the eligible bachelors in the country, he found the statement offensive noting that everyone has his or her right time for marriage.

He stated that he’s in search of someone who shares the same view as him about life and he’s intentional about compatibility and other factors than love because love is overrated.

On February 14, 2024, on Valentine’s Day, Fred shared a lovely moment with his wife in his car and said love is his daily commitment to ensure that he does right by her side. He also said he was very intentional with her because from the day they became friends in 2015, he knew he liked her enough to love her as he does now. Full Biography Of Peggy OvireĀ .

What Happened To Frederick Leonard?

Currently, nothing has happened to him. He’s living a healthy and comfortable life. 

During an interview in 2019 when he was asked about bleaching cream as people implied he bleached his skin, he said he used public transport regularly at the beginning of his acting career and was burnt and scorched by the sun but he now has his ride(car) and lives a very comfortable life as he travels out of the country often.

Does Frederick Have A Child?

Fred and Peggy Ovire are yet to welcome their children. Follow this website for the latest news about them.

Where In Frederick Leonard From In Anambra State?

He’s a native of Nnewi in Anambra State.

How Old Is Frederick Leonard? (Real Age)

Although he refuted claims that he wasn’t up to 40 in 2019 the actor was born on May 1, 1980, and hasn’t confirmed if the year of birth is true despite its circulation on the internet.

Parents/Siblings(Who Is Frederick Leonard Sister?)

Fred is an orphan as he lost both parents years ago but he has siblings. No information about his siblings for now but Nollywood Corner will update this page when news about his siblings is available.

Net-worth/House/Where Does Frederick Leonard Live In Nigeria

Frederick Leonard lives in Lekki, Lagos with his beautiful wife. He’s worth $200,000 and rides nice cars. Fred is reserved and has never flaunted his assets online.

Phone No

Fred doesn’t share his phone number online but many of his fans know a bit about his lifestyle as he often posts work and moments with his wife on his verified Instagram page. Follow him @freddieleonard

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