The H@tred In Nollywood Industry Is Too Much- Actress Abigail Nebechi Says

Voluptuous actress and filmmaker, Abigail Nebechi has taken to her official Instagram page to make a shocking revelation about the movie industry. This is not the first time an actress has made these revelations as several actresses have called out their colleagues for their “Eye Service” attitude in the film industry.

Abigail affirmed that there’s too much h@tred in the movie industry, adding that the film industry is messed up. She noted that if one wants to celebrate a person, he or she should do it with his or her full chest and if they don’t want to do it, it’s fine. She added that people should know how they tag other people, asking why people will post other people’s photos without tagging the person.

Abigail Nebechi stated that they weren’t forced to celebrate the person so they should do the needful. She further said some will look for old and ugly photos of one to post so one wouldn’t get followers or likes from their page, adding that the “Eye Service” has eaten deep into the system.

The curvy actress affirmed that the eye service is so deep that they can worship their fellow colleagues who don’t even know them or care about them. She advised that some of her colleagues should concentrate more on building and celebrating themselves.

She explained that they shouldn’t mind who doesn’t celebrate them because one day, all those hungry celebrities would remind one how they all started, endured, and many other stories.

Abigail said she doesn’t worship any idi@t and that’s why she doesn’t have many friends. She added that it’s those who celebrate her that she will celebrate and that she’s a very blunt person.

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