Complete The House For Them- Gov. Umo Eno Orders Renovation Of Abigail’s Father’s Home, Promises To Bring Her Corpse Home

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Apart from Nollywood actor, Junior Pope whose death struck the hearts of colleagues, celebrities, and fans, another crew member, a very young make-up artist named Frederick Abigail, from Akwa Ibom state, who also lost her life to the boat accident has triggered outrage.

Abigail was the breadwinner for her family and since her death, her family has been thrown into mourning. 

According to the river rituals, anyone who dies in the river must be buried beside it and certain rituals must be made before her death.

Abigail’s family couldn’t transport their daughter home because of lack of funds and couldn’t also perform the rituals but the Akwa Ibom state government has stepped in assuring Abigail’s family that her corpse will be brought home.

The Government of Akwa Ibom under the leadership of Umo Eno in a memo, ordered that the corpse be brought to the late Abigail Frederick’s hometown.

Governor Umo Eno and other government officials were present at the late makeup artist’s family house on Saturday, April 13, 2024, to console them.

He elevated their spirits with soft words and promised to help them because they are one family. 

Umo Eno also ordered the completion of Abigail’s father’s building and promised to do other things for them as time went on.

Abigail’s father and mother cried profusely as the Governor raised their hopes and softened their hearts with kind words.

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