Iyabo Ojo Slams Lawsuit Against Lizzy Anjorin, Gives Her 14 days ultimatum To Reverse Defamatory Statements

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Popular actress and entertainer, Iyabo Ojo has just slammed a lawsuit against actress and business mogul, Lizzy Anjorin, noting that the Saga has just been activated.

According to the lawsuit which was written by Iyabo Ojo’s solicitor, Bimpe Ajegbomogun & Co on her behalf, the attention of their client has been drawn to a vile and denigrating publication in video content on her verified Instagram page, adding that she’s using her page to misform her followers with several defamatory statements to dent the image of their client.

The lawsuit said Lizzy aligned with the comments of her followers who readily knew her defamatory statements where attacking their client, adding that she told to her handle to refer to their client “Shepeteri” and that their client, Iyabo challenged her(Lizzy Anjorin) to mention her name for clarity to put at an to the second guessing and surprisely, Lizzy wasted no time to respond.

It says Lizzy came to social media after Iyabo Ojo told her to mention her name and said she(Lizzy) will keep att@cking her as “Shepeteri” an uncontentious way of affirming that she’s referring to their client Iyabo Ojo.

Furthermore, the lawsuit says the insinuation of the false misleading and defamatory statements are that she is involved in thrêes@me with her daughter, that she’s being referred to as “Shepeteri”, that she(Iyabo Ojo) and her man k!lled late Mohbad, that their client is a faceless being behind Gist Lover blog, that her(Iyabo Ojo) man is an ex-c@nvict, that she is a pr@stitüte, that their client is having a relationship with MC Oluomo, and that she’s dating MC Oluomo.

The Lawsuit says she has used her defamatory statement to generate traffic to her social media page and to sell her products and have used it to destr@y their client’s image.

Therefore the solicitor on behalf of Iyabo Ojo affirmed that Lizzy Anjorin must publish in four national newspapers retracing all her libelous publications with an unreserved apology within 14 days from the dare on the letter, that Lizzy must tender an unreserved apology to Iyabo on her verified Instagram page where she performed the libelous act, and that she pays N500 million to their client for battering her image.

The letter says if Lizzy fails to accede to their demands within 14 days, they shall be left with no other option than to activate the full weight of the law against her without any further recourse to her and that they shall, in the suit, claim N1 billion Naira for aggravated and punitive damages.

The letter also said if there’s any other further publications on any of her social media platform, they will be compelled to press a criminal charge against her(Lizzy Anjorin) without waiting for the expiration of the 14 days in the letter.

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