Outrage As Lead British School Student B$ullies Classmate For Refusing To Answer Her Questions

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Nigerians rage over the recent viral video that surfaced online where one Marilyn Hassan continuously slapped one Namtira Bwala in the presence of other students when she refused to answer her questions.

According to the video, it appears that the altercation was because of a boy as Marilyn was spotted asking, “What is the boy’s name”.

As Namtira paid deaf ears to her, she repeatedly slapped her while other classmates watched.

Left, Marilyn Hassan, the abuser, right Namtira Bwala, the abused

The video which depicts b$ully, oppression, and intimidation has now gone viral as the School suspended Academic sessions for three days to properly investigate the issues.

The minister of women affairs, Uju Kennedy was also present as she urged the students to keep their fingers crossed while they resolve the issues.

Several videos also spotted several female students affirming that it is not the first bullying and intimidation incident in the School.

While the perpetrator Marilyn Hassan was paraded around the school premises, Marilyn’s aunt slapped her in anger, answering what gave her the right to slap Marilyn since she is not her mother.

Also, Marilyn Hassan has apologized for her misdeed, noting that it will not repeat itself.

Nigerians have refused her apologies urging that necessary actions must be taken place to stop it from appearing again in the future. They also said she wasn’t remorseful.

The School, Lead British Abuja has dropped a press statement expressing regrets as they affirmed that they will get to the root of the matter.

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