Mide Martins New Husband, Afeez Owo Second Wife, Age, Father, Sister, Age, Children

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Mide Martins is one of the raves of the moment in the Yoruba genre of Nollywood. She’s an exceptionally talented and beautiful actress in her 40s.

In this article, I’m going to talk about her marriage life, breakup rumors with her husband, and many more.

Will capture major interviews about their breakup rumors and lifestyle from media outlets like Punch News and Vanguard shared online since 2015 to date. So sit back and enjoy your reading.

Mide holds a diploma in International Relations from Olabisi Onabanjo University. 

According to her interview with Vanguard and Punch sometime in 2015 and 2016, she said she never thought she could join the Yoruba movie industry.

Although she has starred in a couple of movies her mother’s death in 2002 struck her heart and made her want to carry on her legacy and immortalize her in the minds of her fans.

Martins affirmed that she would have regretted it if she didn’t join Nollywood as it brings out the best in her.

Mide is the “Talk Of The Town” and a very influential actress in the Yoruba genre of Nollywood. She’s also a very successful movie producer.

Over the years, she has collaborated with her Husband, Afeez Owo who’s a director and producer, to make intriguing movies. She has also appeared in over 200 movies, giving exceptional performances.

Her Husband Afeez Owo who’s in his 50s was her mother Funmi Martins’ manager. They have been friends for 30 years.

When Afeez had issues with his girlfriend, Mide was the one who interceded and tried to settle their differences.

In the early 2000s, Afeez professed his feelings for Mide, who initially at that time saw him as a friend and didn’t want to explore anything more with him.

Afeez was persistent and consistent in his approach to capturing her heart. In the end, she accepted her proposal.

Many have noted that they are not compatible and don’t see them together at events.

Sometimes in 2015, Mide disagreed with those comments, noting that they go out regularly. Regarding issues of not being compatible, she affirmed that they are happy together and that’s all that matters.

In 2015 during an interview with Vanguard, Mide said that her husband has never raised his hands on her before, adding that he’s a peaceful and easy-going man. She said anytime they have issues, he just walks away.

When she asked about her favorite sex position, she said she loves Doggy Style but will not mention who among them enjoys it. She also noted that the missionary style is old and that couples should explore different sex techniques for a healthy and happy marriage.

However, the marriage was almost on the verge of crashing in 2016 as Mide accused Afeez of abandoning her with her two children, their cousins(2) who have lived with them for over 10 years, and their house help for three months.

According to Mide, he rented another apartment and packed out of their house. What led to the breakup rumor isn’t known but it was alleged that Mide cheated on her husband.

When Afeez was reached, he said his wife was advised by bad friends, adding that couples are bound to fight but should always resolve their issues without the 3rd party knowing.

A source later stated the couple didn’t like the fact that the breakup news went viral and that family members are seeking ways to resolve their rift. 

In addition, they decided to end their rift due to their children. Since the breakup, their children have not been happy.

Mide was glad they came together again as she noted that when she had marriage, she prayed to God to resolve it.

Mide and Afeez have been married for 19 years and are blessed with 2 children(Anuoluwapo and Omotola Abiodun). 

They are always spotted having fun together at parties. The couple has learned to accommodate each other and cope with their differences in the event of any marital issue.

Who Is Mide Martins Father?

Mide has never talked about her father and nothing is known about him. When her mother, Funmi Martins was alive, she wasn’t known with a particular man. They might not have been on good term because Funmi Martins didn’t talk about him during her lifetime, so this might have prone Mide not to talk about him or have anything to do with him. Whether he is alive or dead, sooner or later, we will know.

Who Is Afeez Owo Second Wife?

He doesn’t have a second wife. Years ago, Afeez Abiodun aka Afeez Owo said in an interview that although he’s a Muslim who’s allowed to marry many wives he can’t because he wants peace in his home.

How Old Is Mide Martins

She was born on April 12, 1979, and is 44 years old.

How Old Is Afeez Owo?

He was born on April 13 in the 1970s. Afeez is definitely in his early 50s.

Who Is Mide Martins Best Friend?

Mercy Aigbe is her best friend. Although they parted ways years ago due to accusations of having a negative influence on Mide but are close friends now.

Who Is Mide Martins Sister?

Mide doesn’t have a sister but is said to have a brother, Oluwadamilare who he allegedly abandoned. Click to read more.

How Old Is Mide Martins First Child?

They rarely share photos of their kids online. The couple has kept their children away from the public as they keep growing.

They have many throwback photos online. Anu, her first child, was born on May 10, 2005, and is 18 years old. Her second daughter, Omotola was born in 2008 and is 15 years old.

Which State is Mide Martins from?

She’s a native of Oyo State.

When did Mide Martins Get Married?

She got married on September 8, 2004. They have been married for 19 years

What Are The Names Of Mide Martins Children?

Anuoluwapo and Omotola Abiodun

What Caused Funmi Martins Death?

Mide’s mother, Funmi Martins died of Cardiac Arrest in 2002.

Who Is Kiki Bakare To Mide Martins?

Kiki is Mide’s godson in the movie industry and they have both sparked dating rumors because they often play romantic roles on movie sets.

They have a good working relationship and are good friends too. They are happily married to different spouses and are blessed with kids.

Who Is Yetunde Barnabas To Mide Martins?

Yetunde aka Miss Pepeiye is Mide’s goddaughter in the movie industry. Mide often supports her and plays a motherly role in her life. 

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