All Abuja-based Hausa Women Are L3sbi@ns- Lady Makes Shocking Revelation

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A lady revealed in a podcast shared on Gistlover’s Instagram page that all Abuja-based Hausa women are l3sbi@ns, especially the ones that wear hijabs, affirming that no one can tell her otherwise because she has evidence.

According to her, she had an appointment with a businesswoman in Transcorp Hotel in Abuja some time ago for the purchase of a real Estate property. 

The Lady said while they were discussing at the lounge, the woman booked an expensive room for both of them and asked them to go to the executive room. While she ordered what to eat, the businesswoman ordered for Black Bullet(Alcohol) while unzipping herself.

After she noticed that the woman was attempting to woo her, she immediately requested an exit, then the woman started calling her an hypocritic, noting that she often sees how she(the Lady) dresses on Instagram, accusing her of being into it(l3sbi@nism).

She later begged the lady not to reveal what she saw to people.

The Lady said most of them behave like “holier than thou”, people criticizing people on the internet but are the most rotten people on earth.

Watch 6 minutes video.

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