BBN’s Venita Akpofure Fight With Ilebaye, boyfriend, Daughters, Net-worth, Age, Siblings

Venita Akpofure who’s popularly known as Veezee Baybeh is a British Nigerian actress and video vixen whose career in the entertainment industry spanned over 13 years.

She’s well known as Mimi in Ay Makun’s old comedy series, Ay’s Crib, shot in 2013. Venita also appeared in Skales’ Mukulu in 2011 and in 2face’s Ihe Ne Me. However, she’s well known for her cameo appearance in Skales’ hit song, Mukulu.

Although the British-born actress has appeared in scores of movies and music movies many didn’t know her till she participated in the BBN show in 2019.

Being on the show gave her more visibility and popularity and kept her in the spotlight as she got big gigs from top brands like FCMB, Mouka Foam, Hawaii Soap, and many others.

Many knew her from the Comedy series Ay Crib and for her appearance in the Mukulu music video. She also enjoyed the spotlight when she played Nengi in Africa Magic’s Unmarried.

Venita is a very beautiful and talented actress who has appeared in scores of blockbusters and commercial videos and has honed her acting skills and developed expertise in her choice of career.


Born January 1, 1978(age 36) in the United Kingdom, Venita is a native of Delta State and was raised in Benin by Mr and Mrs Akpofure. She’s the Cousin of popular BBN All-stars housemate, Neo Akpofure.

Veezee attended her primary school education in Benin before moving to England where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Accounting at Kingston Hertfordshire University.

She was passionate about being on the big screen and that was why she explored all aspects of entertainment. Her activities range from being a video vixen and appearing on pages of the magazine to acting in blockbuster cinema movies.

Single Mother

Venita was married to Terna Tarka for 4 years before they broke up. In an interview in 2021, she said breaking up was the toughest decision in her life but she’s grateful for it all.

Venita is singlehandedly taking good care of her two beautiful girls, Queen Saydoh and Unicorn Mylie.

6 days ago, in the house, she shared her motherhood experience with Kidd, noting that she foot all her kids’ bills.

Kidd resonated with her, adding that he doesn’t know why men shy away from their responsibilities when they have issues with their women.

He said that’s why he likes his Daddy, adding that he always takes responsibility of their needs irrespective of his differences with their mother. 

BBN All-stars Season 8-Fight with Ilebaye

Venita has been perceived as a bully and manipulator since she talked down on one of the youngest housemates in the house, Ilebaye.

It all started when Mercy was seen advising her not to feel inferior in the house and that they are all on the same level. She urged her to speak out when she feels intimidated by anyone.

Then, Venita intruded into their discussion by calling Ilebaye a “toddler in a China shop”. She added that she should know her space and that she’s not on the same level as many housemates in the house.

Ilebaye who felt awkward by her statement asked what she meant by “a toddler in a China shop” and Mercy who didn’t also like Venita’s energy while trying to motivate Ilebaye confronted Venita and told her that she wasn’t talking to her.

Many people, including several ex-housemates, have blasted Venita for bullying her(Ilebaye) and making her inferior while insinuating that she did that because she feels Ilebaye is the youngest in the house.

Ilebaye, Neo, And Venita

A few days ago, Ilebaye had a confrontation with Neo and cried profusely when things went out of hand.

Ilebaye went to check on Neo on his bed and met Tolani Baj then said she wanted to talk to Neo. 

Baj said she should give them time and that she can see that she was talking to Neo. After some time, she came back and jumped on his bed and Tolani spotted her and sl*t-shamed her, ordering her to leave the room.

Tbaj also told Neo that if Ilebaye doesn’t leave the room, their friendship is over. One thing led to another, then Neo and Ilebaye started insulting each other.

Neo went out to meet Mercy and a couple of others, insinuating that Ilebaye is forcing herself on him and that he’s not interested.

Ilebaye countered his statement, noting that Neo has been asking her out on SnapChat before the show and she had told him that she wasn’t sure she could date him because he’s a playboy and now.

Venita confronted Ilebaye, calling her all sorts of names as she supported her cousin and they had back and forth as Ilebaye slammed her, telling her to get out.

Ilebaye cried profusely and was consoled by Alex and a couple of housemates. Venita was also spotted crying in the closet.

Hours after the altercation, Venita also talked badly about Ilebaye, noting that her parents won’t be proud of her and that she wasn’t trained well.

Venita and Ike

There have been so many highlights in the show. In the first week, Ike told a couple of male housemates that apart from his Crypto business, he also pimps BBN girls to his big friends and has pimped Venita to his friends.

Venita and Ike are buddies.


Venita is one of the most successful young actresses in the entertainment industry. She lives in the highbrow area of Lagos and her children go to the best school. 

She and her daughters often travel to London for vacation. Based on the estimate of her assets and lifestyle, she’s worth $500,000.

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