I Can’t Dr@g Phyna Because She’s A Baby But Will Fl@g Her- Blessing CEO

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During Blessing CEO’s live session, she was told to dr@g Phyna and she said she can’t dr@g Phyna, adding that she’s a little girl.

She said Dr@gging her is like giving her fame adding that she’s a little girl that once cried that Davido doesn’t know her. She said she gave Phyna her money and fame and voted for Phyna, adding that she’s a baby.

The relationship expert said she just opened her mouth to talk without even knowing what happened and that she expected her to slide into her DM to ask why she’s(Blessing CEO) ins@ulting Edo people, she(Blessing CEO) would have talked to her politely saying “NO o” that wasn’t how it happened but Phyna jumped into something she doesn’t know about. Click to read what happened between Blessing CEO and Phyna

Blessing CEO affirmed that Phyna is a little girl and that if she sees her now she will hold her and fl@g her with Cain and if she wants to go to the Police Station she should go and in the end, it will be an ass@ult case and they will tell her(Blessing) to pay and she will pay.

Blessing Nkiruka Okoro said Phyna is not her mate and that she’s a baby and is not her class but she’s a girl that she contributed money to vote for and that she can’t dr@g her on the internet because she was part of the people that built Phyna’s career.

Blessing CEO said that Phyna doesn’t have a mouth in the public because she(we) gave her fame and after she left the BBN show she has done nothing. She noted that Phyna is not relevant and one will only see her fighting with other BBN housemates.

The Relationship therapist said since she came out of the BBN show, she has not seen her do any important thing, adding that she only voted for her because she is a hype-girl(hypeman) and if she has focused on her hyping, maybe Davido would have known her because she doesn’t see what Phyna is doing in Lagos. Blessing noted that Davido knows BBN Ilebaye but she doesn’t know her(Phyna)

She further said BBN Mercy is into real estate and BBN Cee-C is into fashion and beauty but Phyna is not known for anything.

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