You Gave Birth For 2 Different Men But None Of Them Collected The Kids From You- Nkechi Blasts Blessing CEO

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Popular actress and business mogul, Nkechi Blessing has continued to chide Blessing CEO in a long battle that started between them 2 days ago. The actress affirmed severally that she’s more successful than Blessing CEO despite being called a failed actress.

In a 2 minutes video, Nkechi asked why Blessing CEO is comparing herself to her. She noted that Blessing posted her ex-boyfriends, adding that at least they were proud that she dated them and they all flaunted themselves while the relationship lasted but Blessing CEO gave birth for two different men and none of them collected the children from her.

Nkechi noted that Blessing CEO is a relationship therapist without a relationship, questioning those going to her for therapy. Nkechi asked the steps people who are going to her are following because Blessing CEO failed in her marriage and is not capable of giving good marital advice.

Nkechi Blessing affirmed that a broken relationship is better than a failed marriage. She said when she enters into a relationship and she sees that it’s not working, she moves, but Blessing CEO has married twice and she didn’t get it right so where is the comparison between the both of them as she warned Blessing CEO to stop.

Nkechi said Blessing CEO said she saw her in Warri and ran, adding that it seems she’s playing with Blessing CEO too much, asking her to pick a location so they can battle it out woman to woman.

Nkechi said in all ramifications of life Blessing CEO is not up to her standard and not even up to the standard of her younger sister, Jennifer who controls 4 businesses.

Nkechi said because Blessing saw her in Warri doesn’t mean she should start b@rking at her like a dog, adding that she was the one who told her to calm down at the Warri event.

Nkechi said she hadn’t have issues with Blessing CEO before but they unfollowed each other so why did she want her to bark at her in public during the Warri event?

The business mogul noted that Blessing lies a lot, adding that she(Blessing CEO) said she had a video of her(Nkechi) n@ked, daring her to post it. Nkechi shared a photo of Blessing uncl@d and dared her to post hers.

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