It’s Prime Boy That K!!lled My Brother- Mohbad’s Brother Reveals

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Late singer, Mohbad’s brother, Adura has just made a shocking revelation that has sparked outrage online. Adura affirmed that he’s Mohbad’s blood brother and he’s 20 years old. He added that Mohbad is the 2nd child of the family while he’s the 3rd child.

Adura further said he lived with his brother, Mohbad and his wife and that they fought a lot and most times it was his dad who always settle their differences. Mohbad’s blood brother noted that the couple had a fight before the Ikorodu show but he was not there when Mohbad and Prime Boy were fighting, adding that it was Wunmi who told him that they fought.

He affirmed that if he’s to pick a prime suspect in his late brother’s de@th, it’s prime boy, adding that even though he wasn’t there when they fought, Wunmi told him how everything happened and he(Adura) believed her. Adura further said when they got home after the show, he stayed downstairs while everyone else went upstairs and that later when he wanted to give his brother(Mohbad) his phone in his room, he heard his brother and his wife Wunmi fighting and arguing over a Canadian visa.

He stated that before the Nurse came into the House, his brother(Mohbad) was hale and hearty but he noticed some blood on his skin near his elbow. He added that he prepared noodles that they ate that day and that his brother never had mental illness as people insinuated, calling it lies.

Adura affirmed that he was hale and hearty with no history of mental issues, adding that it was Prime boy that k!!lled his brother.

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