Everything Mohbad’s Dad Said About Me Were Lies- Late Mohbad’s wife, Wunmi

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Late Mohbad’s wife, Omowunmi has debunked allegations labeled against her by Mohbad’s father, stating that they were all lies. In a post shared by popular blogger, Temilola Sobola, Omowunmi said everything Baba Mohbad said about her were all lies. She noted that she decided not to grant interviews because she was messed up mentally and needed to take care of her baby.

She further said Baba Mohbad’s aim is for her to be jailed so that everything that belongs to her son will be given to him. She added that Baba Mohbad’s father has been calling Mohbad’s brother, Adura to lie against her at the coroner court. She said that was the reason Adura refused to go to court, noting that she had proof of all she said.

Wunmi said Baba Mohbad said he saw some clothes filled with blood when he came to their house after her husband passed away noting that was a blatant lie. She added that Baba Mohbad had called her mother-in-law that she must lie against her in court and that she saw clothes that were filled with blood.

She stated that Baba Mohbad also influenced her mother-in-law’s sister to say she saw blood in the house, adding that she’s not a weak woman and has many things she can reveal about Baba Mohbad but she decided to keep mute because of her son, Liam.

She further said if she starts spilling secrets, people will know who Baba really is but her son will one day grow up to read them. She added that if not for Mohbad’s death, nobody knew he was married with a son because she’s a very private person. Omowunmi affirmed that Baba Mohbad told the media that Mohbad once said he wanted to throw his son, Liam into the river, adding that it never happened because Mohbad loves his son more than her, his wife.

She further affirmed that she and Baba Mohbad used to be close friends and that he was the one who said she must get pregnant for his son and took her to the mountains and prayer house. She added that Baba Mohbad used to buy her food, fruits, and vegetables and he was her best friend but the major reason why he’s fighting her is because of the money people contributed for her son, Liam.

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