Nobody Should Donate Money For Mr Ibu’s Family Again- Media Personality,VeryBlackMan

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Popular media personality and Tiktoker, VeryBlackMan has just made a shocking revelation shortly after Mr Ibu’s wife arrested his daughter Jasmine and his two sons for withdrawing N300 million to acquire a house.

According to VeryBlackMan, Mrs. IBU arrested Jasmine and Mr. Ibu’s 2 sons for withdrawing over N300 million from the donation money given to Mr. Ibu for his treatment. 

He added that if N300 million was withdrawn from that donation account, that means the money in the Account should be over N500 million Naira. He said the family didn’t bother to update the public about how much was in the account, as he queried them for siphoning money for their use.

VeryBlackMan said he wondered why Mr Ibu’s wife is bothered about the money and not worried about the well-being of her husband, noting that she also wants a share of the money to augment her lifestyle.

He slammed people for questioning him when he expressed his views about how Mr Ibu’s family is more concerned about the money than his health, adding that he also dropped his hard-earned N100,000 and convinced his fans to donate money for him(Mr Ibu) not knowing that his family are using it to get rich quick. He warned that the money donated to them is OK and that no one should donate to them again. 

VeryBlackMan also warned that henceforth he will stop coordinating donations for anyone, including celebrities because many are using it as a get-rich-quick scheme.

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