Amaechi Monagor Was diagnosed with Kidney Diseases, Diabetes, And Strokes- Tony One Week

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Veteran Actor and entertainer, Amaechi Monagor has been making rounds on the internet for weeks after video of his critical health condition surfaced online.

It has just been confirmed by his cousin, Tony One Week, a musician, that he was diagnosed with kidney disease, diabetes, and stroke during his 3-week hospital treatment.

Tony One Week shared Amaechi’s health update on Facebook, noting that he’s currently battling with diabetes, Kidney Diseases, and stroke.

He noted that the picture of him with Amaechi was taken two weeks ago when he visited him at Nnewi Teaching Hospital. He said initially he had wanted to quietly assist as much as he could but later decided to create this post to make his fans, friends, and Amaechi’s fans aware of his critical health condition.

Tony One Week affirmed that Amaechi is currently down with diabetes, kidney disease, and stroke, adding that he has been managing his diabetes for years and is living his life. 

Tony stated that Amaechi is currently on weekly dialysis and other treatments at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital Nnewi.

He added that his family has been carrying the cost for years until his recent stroke which made his health condition more serious and expensive and that is why he’s creating awareness for people to know what he’s going through.

Tony further said he has done within his capabilities and is still doing his best to assist as much as he can and even reaching out to well-to-do and high-profile individuals who are donating to his treatment.

Tony One Week said contrary to what many online publications said, Amaechi is his first cousin, adding that his father and Amaechi’s father are from the same father.

He said they have had a wonderful relationship as members of the same industry and he’s proud of him as his brother. He affirmed that Amaechi is loved worldwide and many have been donating for this medical treatment, adding that as of Sunday, November 26, 2023, there have been some improvements and his blood sugar is under control but he’s still on admission, weekly dialysis, physiotherapy and other vital treatments.

Tony noted that his full treatment and speedy recovery are dependent on funds and donations, adding that no money is too small to give.

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