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Zainab Bakare Opeyemi who’s popularly known as Zainab Bakare is a popular Yoruba actress, filmmaker, and entrepreneur.

She has been controversial and has made headlines for her choice of outfits. She has also faced criticism and has been accused of promoting nudity but despite backlashes, she has also given her stance and noted severally that she’s an adult who should decide what she chooses to do and wear.

The delectable actress was born on March 10, 1998(Age 35) in Lagos to Mr Bakare and lost her mother years ago. She has only one sister, Timileyin Damilare Bakare, a dog lover. 

Zainab and her sister were singlehandedly taken good care of by their father and often gives shout-outs and appreciates him for taking good care of her and her sister.

Zainab Bakare had her primary and secondary school in Lagos. After her secondary school education, she proceeded to Moshood Abiola Polytechnic where she bagged a diploma certificate.

Opeyemi joined the Yoruba genre of Nollywood in 2011 through popular Yoruba actress, Omowunmi Ajiboye. Then, she was still in the higher institution and had to juggle both, striking a balance between them.

Although it wasn’t easy for her in the early days of her career with God and the support of her boss, Omowunmi Ajiboye she was able to overcome her challenges.

She produced her 1st movie, “Owu Iya Gbon ” in 2017 but rose to limelight with her third movie, “Eda ” with the help of her boss, Omowunmi Ajiboye. Since then she has gone on to star in over 50 movies, playing different roles. 

Zainab Bakare is a very attractive and talented young actress. When it comes to acting, she knows her onions. According to her during an interview with “The Sun” in 2020, she affirmed that her big hips attract men.

Opeyemi is not just an actress but also has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. She’s a go-getter and a zealous actress who loves to go for what she wants and do what she wants. She launched ZHEE’s Girl food business in Jakande First Gate, Lekki Lagos on September 26, 2023 and made her first official outing for her business at her best friend, Nkechi Blessing’s late mother’s burial.

Zainab Bakare is a successful actress and businesswoman who keeps pushing harder to gain more popularity and remain relevant in the movie industry. Over the years, she has been heavily criticised for always exposing her body(mostly her thighs and boobs) and has also given her stance on butt surgery which she said has boosted her confidence since she did it.

In 2022, she said Liposuction(Butt Surgery) has boosted her self-esteem and that it has added positivity in her life. Opeyemi affirmed that she didn’t regret going under the knife(doing butt surgery) and feels nobody will beat her for telling the truth about her butt enlargement surgical operation.

She further said that her man gave her the go ahead and now she has the near-perfect body she has been longing for. She also said she has been seeing more toasters and suitors since the surgery but has rejected their offers.

Regarding the issue of always exposing her body, she said on a live session in 2023 that she wears clothes that she’s comfortable in and considering Nigeria’ harsh weather sometimes it’s not nice to cover-up clothes that will make feels uncomfortable.

However, she noted that most of her age mates are married and that she can make the decisions of what and what not to wear so people should stop intruding in her life. Recently, she has been “up and doing” with different activities trying to give herself a better life. If you observe her on Instagram, she has been working round the clock. 

Starring in more movies, promoting brands(Skincare, Fashion) on her page and pushing her business are the major things going on in her life.

Zainab Bakare Husband

She’s currently single but is in a relationship. She has said that many times during interviews. Zainab has been romantically linked with Kiki Bakare.

They share the same surname and are good friends in the movie industry. Kiki is happily married to his UK-based lover, Becky and is blessed with a child.

Kiki Bakare and Zainab Bakare relationship (Is Kiki Bakare married to Zainab Bakare)

They are not in a relationship nor are they married. They only teased their fans in 2022 when they announced their marriage which aimed at promoting a movie that was produced by Zainab Bakare.

Zainab Bakare Family(Father, Mother, Children, Brother)

Zainab mother is late but her father is alive and healthy. She doesn’t have a brother nor does she have a son. She’s single. She is blessed with a lovely kid sister, Damilare who she calls her other half. 

Who Is Zainab Bakare Father

Her father is Mr Bakare. He’s a businessman who resides in Lagos and he’s in his late 50s.

Did Zainab Bakare Do Surgery(Butt Surgery)

Yes, she did butt surgery to increase her butt and has stated that it has boosted her confidence and self-esteem.

Net-worth(Cars And House)

Zainab has a striving business and is a sought-after actress in the Yoruba movie industry. She lives in a nice apartment in Lagos and rides good cars. She’s worth $50,000.

Best Friends

Opeyemi has people that she holds in high esteem in and outside the movie industry and they are very good friends, Adekemi Taofeek and Nkechi Blessing. Her godmothers are Omowunmi Ajiboye and Lola Margaret. While celebrating Lola Margaret’s birthday on September 1, 2023, said she wants to be her daughter in her next world.

Lola Margaret, currently lives in UK Zainab and boss, Omowumi at event

Latest Movies 2023

She has featured in scores of movies this year but here are a few ones. 

Ise Okunkun


Ami Nla


Family Affairs

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  2. To Zainab
    Anytime that I watch you in the African- Yoruba Movie, I always dream of you being my wife. With the situation and also residing outside the country, I wonder how it can be possible.
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