Is Luchy Donalds Married? Real Age, Phone No, Child, Age, Father, Wedding, Latest Movies

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In the past 5 years the Nollywood industry has been dominated by young and promising actresses who are passionate about their craft. One of them is the delectable Luchy Donalds.

Luchy hails from Imo State and was born on May 28, 1995(age 28) to the family of Mr and Mrs Donalds Nwocha. Blessed with two siblings, Luchy first attended

Madonna University but later proceeded to Tansian University in Umunya, Anambra State where she bagged a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry.

Luchy Donalds has always been interested in acting so when an executive producer who was her friend on Facebook drew her attention to acting, she didn’t think twice before accepting the offer.

You can’t list the top 10 new generation actresses in Nollywood without mentioning her name. Luchy joined acting in 2014 and made her first appearance in the movie “The Investigator”. Since then, she has continued to push harder.

Luchy has starred in over 150 movies, playing different roles. 

She’s one of the favorites of fans and boasts of 2.3 million Instagram followers. She’s a very attractive and talented actress and one of the  most booked actresses in Nollywood.

Luchy Donalds has grown so much in acting career. She now doubles as a producer and produced movies like Love Reversed(yet to be released) featuring IK Ogbonna and Ashmusy. The highly anticipated movie has received accolades from movie lovers.

Luchy Donalds is a very successful actress and a travel enthusiast. She frequently updates her lifestyle and has been to countries like the UK, Turkey, Qatar, Dubai, France and many others.

She acquired a Brand New Mercedes Benz on December 10, 2021 and bought a Brand new Toyota Car for her father on October 31, 2022. The voluptuous actress has kept her family away from the media for years and still hid her father from the camera while she presented him his car gift.

Luchy Donalds is of the opinion that nakedness has gone overboard in this generation as people non longer embrace decency.

She said they are adults and are more concerned about what things to do to boost their followers and gain more traffic but the disadvantages of exposing one’s body and benefits therein can never outshine decency.

During an interview where she was asked about marriage and how she would safeguard her marriage when she walks down the aisle with her man, she said she doesn’t support divorce and that spouses should devise means to settle their differences to ensure a healthy relationship.

She added that she’s going to be extremely submissive to her husband to safeguard her marriage and will not let her fame get into her head.

Luchy Donald and Zack Orji on set

She has often said that she’s in a relationship with a rich man but has hidden his face from the public.Some months ago, she pasted screenshots online, the sum of 10 millions Naira that her loving rich boyfriend sent to her. Luchy is an actress who’s full of life, a lover of Christ, and a friendly being.

Age Controversial

Wikipedia and other information providers have given information about her age(Year 1991, 1993) which she confirmed on Tuesday, October 3, 2023, as false.

She wrote a post to Google, noting that her Aunt is mad at it. She said her mother’s younger sister called her and said she was angry to see her incorrect age on Google noting that people don’t know that she’s still a baby.

She added that maybe it’s because of God’s blessing in her life that made people think she’s up to that age and that she’s not here to state her age but her aunty said she was the little girl she bathed for yesterday so she’s not up to that age. She said left to her, she not concerned because she has been seeing the wrong age there for years.

They are reports that she was born May 28, 1995(Age 28). So the age 30, 32 are incorrect. Judging from this throwback photo below taken in 2014 in her University hostel, it’s obvious that she looks age 19 here.

Is Luchy Donalds Married?  (Is Luchy Donalds In A Relationship (Who Is Her Husband)

No, she’s not married but is in a serious relationship. On March 18, 2022, she showered praises on her boyfriend for gifting her 10 million Naira.

She travelled for a business deal and after she got stressed about it, her boyfriend told her to refund the money and he sent her the money for the deal.

Is Luchy Donalds Married To Flashboy

No, they have only played romantic roles in scores of movies. They are good friends and share strong chemistry when on movie sets.

Luchy Donalds Phone Number

Luchy’s phone number is unavailable but you can follow her @Luchydonalds on Instagram for latest updates about her.

Who Is Luchy Donalds Mum

Luchy’s mother, Mrs Nwocha Donalds is in her 50s and is a businesswoman. You can’t find her photos online because Luchy doesn’t post family photos on social media.

Luchy Donalds Wedding Pictures

She’s not married and the wedding pictures are photos from the movie sets.

Is Luchy Donalds A Daughter To Jackie Appiah

No, she is not her daughter. Over the years, many have called them twins because they share striking resemblances. Luchy calls Jackie Appiah her big sister and they have linked up countless times in  Accra, Ghana and Nigeria.

Luchy Donalds And Destiny Etiko

Luchy and Destiny were once best friends and the reason for their longtime beef is unknown. In April 2022, Destiny and Luchy fired at each other. The face-off started after Destiny Etiko showed off her luxurious shopping bags.

The actress(Destiny) who was in London at that time had gone on a shopping spree and showed off the luxurious items she got to her followers. However, hours after her post, Luchy(her former best friend) took to her Instagram page to chide her. We hope they resolve their differences some day.


She has two brothers and has never shared their photos online.


She has no children.

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Net-worth(House, Cars)

Apart from her Mercedes Benz, she has over 2 cars in her garage. She lives in Asaba, Delta State and is worth $300,000.

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