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Victoria James who’s popularly known by her brand name Veekee James is a creative fashion designer, evangelist, gospel singer, and entrepreneur.

Veekee James is a unisex fashion brand that crafts sleek and detailed outfits for its clients with close attention to value and quality.

The beautiful entrepreneur is the convener of Daughter Of Zion(The Zion Warship) an initiative that projects Christ and God’s words through outreach and evangelism. Also, she’s the host of the Gospel show, Bible Stories with VJ, and the singer of the hit Gospel song, Olugbeja.

Veekee is one of the most sophisticated creative fashion designers in Nigeria who is known for her top-notch designs and fine detailing in outfits. She’s an embodiment of beauty, talent and grace.

Victoria James was inspired by her mother, Esther James who was also a tailor. Although, at a young age, she never saw fashion as a passion it came naturally to her as she helped friends sew clothes for free in High School.

Then, her mother had many staff and she hung around to see their work and was inspired. Despite not having the intention to pursue the craft, it stuck with her everywhere she went, and she couldn’t help but beckon to the call of Fashion as it became her life.

It was a tough decision for her as she dropped out from the University Of Uyo to pursue her fashion career and she was happy she did.

Veekee James is a brand that clocked 5 years in 2023. 80% of her clients are from abroad.

Victoria James adds so much value to her products. Clients pay more as they get value from what she offers. 

According to her, she’s a luxurious brand and it’s the value that is imprinted on her product that makes it quality and expensive. 

She’s a believer and a lover of God and noted during an interview in 2022 that she often seeks inspiration from God for sophisticated designs that will intrigue her clients. She also gets creative ideas from the International fashion space.

Victoria James has worked with several celebrities in the entertainment industry. She’s an A-class designer who pays attention to detail crafting a sophisticated piece that captivates her clients. That’s why get referrals daily.

According to her in 2022, her brand exceeded her financial target and the business is experiencing massive growth.

Veekee is one of the most successful young creative fashion designers in Nigeria. Although she ventured into hair styling and make-up years ago, fashion is her life and what she loves doing.

Apart from fashion, she’s an evangelist, show host, and gospel singer. She’s the convener of Zion Warship, a program that projects Christ to the world. She has been able to win thousands of souls with her initiative. 

Victoria James is the show host of the podcast, “Bible Story with VJ”, where she invites celebrities to talk about the impact of the holy Bible and Jesus Christ.

In September 2023, she dropped her hit gospel single, “Olugbeja”, a spiritual soul-lifting song that received positive reviews from her lovers.

Just like her other celebrities, Veekee regularly faces backlashes from trolls on Instagram but she finds solace in Jesus as he was also prosecuted and so, criticism and hate speech shouldn’t be her problems.

Biography/Wikipedia/Veekee James Story

Veekee James old photos/childhood photos

Victoria James who’s popularly known as Veekee James is from a family of three children, born June 10, 1996. She’s the only girl among two brothers and was raised In Ajegunle, Lagos but a native of Akwa Ibom. She’s from the Ibibio-speaking tribe.

Veekee lost her father, Mr James, when she was 5 and her mother, Esther James singlehandedly trained them.

Esther James was a tailor and had many staff. Being the only girl in the family who was close to her mother, she fell in love with her mother’s craft naturally and already started knitting at age 7.

At High School, she had already started sewing clothes for her friends for free. 

Growing up was tough for her as she was only raised by her mother who was struggling at that time. Life wasn’t rosy. The challenges she faced while growing up brought out the resilience spirit in her.

Victoria had her primary and secondary education in Lagos and was supposed to study Biochemistry at the University Of Uyo but dropped out as she was having conflicting Issues with what to face between her passion(fashion) and Education.

James took a bold step and chose fashion and since then, she has never regretted it. 

During her interview with BBC Pidgin in 2023, she said she never regretted leaving fashion for education and that she’s doing lots of things regarding Education now.

Vicky affirmed that it might not be the case for everyone and anyone in her shoes who is sure of what they want should go for what they want.

Education/What Course Did Veekee James Study?

Victoria James was supposed to study Biochemistry at the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State but dropped out to pursue her passion.

Veekee James Husband(Who’s She Engaged To?)

In 2023, during her interview with BBC Pidgin, Veekee affirmed that she dated men who were intimidated by her success. 

Femi Atere, the CEO of Mr Tidy Nigeria, a premium cleaning service proposed to Veekee in November 2023, and since then, they have flooded the internet with adorable wedding photos.

Veekee saturated her page with pre-wedding photos for good 2 months with fans grasping for love and admiring the couple. 

Following their traditional marriage on Thursday, February 8, 2024, their star-studded white wedding and after-party ceremony took place on Saturday, February 10, 2023, with extravagant luxurious reception that swept fans off their feet.

During appreciation, Veekee showered praises on her mother and noted that she has been single for many years since her husband’s death and prayed that God will bless her with a man who will love and care for her.

Victoria’s wedding ceremony wasn’t void of drama and controversies as she was heavily criticized and backlashed by Netizens.

A video of her singing her hit single, “Olugbeja” with many choristers on her wedding day and asking them to kneel during worship surfaced online. Netizens slammed her for doing too much, claiming that she’s showcasing a holier-than-thou attitude.

There are also speculations that she was the one who fully sponsored the wedding and that her husband wasn’t financially buoyant to do so.


Veekee walked down the aisle in a beautiful traditional marriage on Saturday, February 10, 2024, and doesn’t have kids yet.

Real Age

As of June 10, 2023, she was 27 years old.

Origin/Where Is Veekee James From/Is She From Akwa Ibom

Yes,  she’s from Akwa Ibom State and is from the Ibibio-speaking tribe. She was raised in Lagos and can speak the Yoruba language although her intonation hasn’t captured the Yoruba tongue well.


Victoria James with her mother, Esther James

She was single-handedly raised by her mother, Esther James, the CEO of Shopluxextra, a clothing brand. Victoria has two siblings(brothers).

How Much Is Veekee James Dress Prices/Website

Veekee’s outfits cost from N50,000 to N20,000,000 depending on the detailing of the attire. She’s the CEO of Erikan Clothing and Veekee James Clothing whose websites are and

Does Veekee James Have A Fashion School?

Yes, she has a training session she calls The “Veekee James Secrets Luxurious Fashion Masterclass” where she trains people in various areas of fashion. She announced the 2.0 masterclass in November 2023 and charged 1 million Naira per person for a 3-day intensive training.


Victoria James is worth $1million. She has a multi-million Naira brand, Veekee James, and lives in a mansion in Lagos. She also rides exotic cars and travels abroad during leisure.

Phone No/How Do I Contact Veekee James?

Victoria doesn’t share her phone numbers online but you can reach out to her and book an appointment via her website or reach out to her mother, Esther James, and book an appointment with her via 09079788803(business only). Read more biographies here

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