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Amadou Elizabeth Aminata who’s popularly known as Jadrolita is Nigeria’s first human Robot AI(Artificial Intelligence) who has become an internet sensation on social media.

Jadrolita who was formerly known as Jarvis started her Robot AI journey just for fun, views, likes, and engagement but she later became a big brand in the internet space.

Her Grass-to-grace story started on Tiktok as she planned to engage her audience and make them happy and lively with her content but she discovered that it wasn’t working out as she wasn’t getting engagement and was discouraged.

Jarvis got tired and decided to scroll on Tiktok to see some amazing stuff she could inculcate in her piece. She came across content from Canadian social media personality and online streamer, Pinky Doll and was convinced that the AI robot emulation character was what she was in for.

Elizabeth assured herself that she could blend the Robotic AI character into her content after watching some videos of her mentor, Pinky Doll on Tiktok.

Following her conviction of wanting to be creative about the AI personality and blending it into her content, she began to create unique and outstanding content where she moves like a robot and speaks and behaves like an AI.

She wears a customized robot outfit and boots and goes on Tiktok live to entertain her fans.

Jarvis immediately gained attention and popularity as people admired how she fused the AI personality into her character. 

Although when she started many said she wasn’t serious and that she should go off the internet and focus on her education, the vast majority of people loved what she was doing and continued to encourage her.  

Jadrolita has collaborated with top Tiktok personalities like Oyinbo Princess, Peller, and Zeez to dish out hilarious content to her fans.

Aminata never knew she would become a big brand. All she wanted to do was to create funny content, entertain her audience, and get likes, comments, and engagements but she has outdone herself as she became the most talk-about Human AI in Nigeria with exceptional Robotic AI ability.

The beautiful Human AI is exploring other aspects of entertainment as she is now involved in skit-making. She has collaborated with several skit-makers to showcase her top-notch AI prowess and Human robotic activity and fans can’t get enough of herself.

According to her during her interview with WAP TV, she’s ready to explore other aspects of entertainment and just wants to complete her University Education in 2024 as she’s in her final year in school.

Jadrolita is one of the most successful young content creators in Nigeria. She’s the only Human AI in Nigeria and is unique at what she does, bringing smiles to people’s faces.

In December 2023, she bought her first car and there is information that foreign brands want to work with her.

Jadrolita is beautiful, smart, and intelligent. As AI takes over the world due to its world-class Technological innovation, Aminata will be in high demand as she will be used to advertise several AI products that will be beneficial to humans.

The sky is her starting point as she keeps exploring life to the fullest.

Biography/Who Is Jadrolita/ Meaning Of Jadrolita

Amadou Elizabeth Aminata aka Jadrolita was born February 29, 2002, in Edo State to Mr and Mrs Amadou. She had her primary and secondary school Education in Benin City and bagged a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Ambrose Alli University, Edo State on April 18, 2024.

Elizabeth is a Human AI who has become a sensation on the Internet. She talks like a robot and displays an AI personality. This got many talking about how she was able to push that through despite being of Nigerian descent. 

Over the years, Elizabeth has gained acceptance, recognition, and popularity.

She isn’t entirely surprised as she has taken up the Robotic AI personality today because when she was young, many people said she talked and behaved like a Cartoon.

Jarvis started her online journey by posting content on Tiktok but wasn’t getting engagement. Then she decided to check other people’s posts on Tiktok for ideas and saw some posts of her mentor, Pinky Doll.

Jadrolita decided to adopt Pinky’s style and now, she has become one of the most-talked Internet personalities in Nigeria.

According to her, she started by using a brand name, Jarvis which she got from the “Iron Man” movie but later discovered that the name existed before which made her switch to another name, Jadrolita which is a combination of  Jarvis Android Alita.

According to her, she’s an advanced battle bot. During her interview with Wap TV in January 2024, she noted that it was her first time in Lagos and that she was ready to explore other opportunities after her University education.

Jadrolita affirmed that her parents are religious people and are not into social media so she was doing her thing on a low without them knowing but they eventually found out after she became famous.

Amadou’s parents saw that she was on the right track with her content and maintained her standard and decency so they didn’t complain.

Some time ago, her Tiktok account got banned then she switched to Instagram and is now loving the photo-sharing app(IG).

Who Is Jadrolita’s Boyfriend

Jadrolita is currently single and is not in a relationship yet. She revealed this when she was asked during her interview with WAP TV.

The interviewer asked about her romantic entanglement with the content creator, Peller which has been circulating online

According to her, fans know how to attach people romantically on the internet and that she and Peller are good friends and not in a relationship. 

She said Peller is a good guy and is very friendly, adding that he’s doing well and will go far in life.

Narrating how she knew Peller, she said Peller joined her Tiktok live some time ago and he was so rude that they had back and forth. Their altercation got lots of engagements and they decided to collaborate to continue entertaining their fans.

Real Age (How Old Is Jadrolita?)

On February 29, 2024, Jarvis AI turned 22 and was gifted another brand new car by her manager, Emma Lion, the CEO of Aiso Hub.

Religion (Is Jadrolita A Muslim?)

Elizabeth is a Christian and a lover of Christ. When advising young people to pursue their dreams and never care what anyone says, she said they should keep doing what they know how they do best and put God first in everything.

Where Is Jadrolita From? (State Of Origin/Tribe)

Jadrolita is a native of Edo State.


She was born to Mr and Mrs Amadou in Edo State. She has siblings but doesn’t share their photos online.


Jadrolita is worth $20,000. She bought her first car on December 29, 2023 and got another car from her management on her 22nd birthday on February 29, 2024. She’s still young and still lives with her parents in Benin City.  

Phone No

She doesn’t share her phone number online but you can follow her on Instagram @Jadrolita_ for her latest posts and lifestyle updates.

Jadrolita is a lover of good food and is also a very good singer with an angelic voice. She was in her Church’s teenage choir during her teenage days. More celebrity biographies here.

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