3 Celebrities That Battled With Depression

3 Nigerian Celebrities That Battled With Depression

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Depression is a group of health conditions that affect how one feels and thinks. It affects one’s feelings negatively, causing one to do the unthinkable. Depression can be caused by several factors like poverty, the inability of attaining one’s set goals, bullying, marital crisis, mood swings due to difficulties in certain aspects of one’s life, and many others.

It causes one to feel down and emotionally wrecked and if not taken seriously can lead to death. Lots of people have died because of it and society often creates awareness, seeking the means to curb it.

3 Celebrities That Battled With Depression

Here are 3 celebrities who fell into depression. No 1 almost committed suicide.

1. Real Warri Pikin

In November 2018, Anita Asuoha aka Real Warri Pikin shared photos of herself to mark her birthday. She said before they celebrate her glory, they need to know her story.

According to Punch News, she stated that in January 2018, they lost everything they had when she and her husband invested in a business(22 million Naira) that later crumbled. She said they sold everything and needed help and no one came to their rescue.

Warri Pikin said they were called out by people that they owed money and she even attended different prayer sessions but knew prayers weren’t her problem.

In June 2018, it got worst and she planned to commit suicide. She was taken to three different hospitals and it was at the 3rd hospital that she discovered she was still alive.

Her husband always cheered her up, adding that they are in it together. Her predicament made her discover that she can make people laugh to elevate their spirits. She started making funny videos online till she become popular.

2. Ada Karl

In January 2020, US-based actress and filmmaker, Ada Karl aka Ada Slim underwent fibroid surgery and has recuperated since then. But before the surgery, the illness was life-threatening and she battled with it for a long time. She tied the knot with her husband and expected to conceive a few months after marriage. She spotted her protruding belly and thought it was because of too much food, then she started dieting. Later, she discovered that she had fibroid. This shattered her world and she had to cope with the challenges that came with it with the support of her husband.

After the successful surgery, she was glad to share her story with the world to encourage people going through the same fate.

3. Ruth Kadiri

2019 was a year of blessings for her. After her marriage, she took in(became Pregnant) and fell into depression. She was afraid that the pregnancy will affect her acting career and was unsure that she was ready for motherhood.

Through the support of her family, and a couple of friends like Judy Austin, Mary Njoku, and blogger, Stella Dimoko she was able to push through. Pregnancy can come with a lot of mood swings and uncertainties, especially if it’s one’s first time, and having support around one will surely elevate the spirit.

On August 26, 2019, she welcomed her first daughter, Reign Ezerika and on July 21, 2022, she welcomed her second daughter, Emerald Ezerika.

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