Meet Lagos Socialite Farida Sobowale Children, Marriages, Business, Net-worth

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Farida Sobowale who’s popularly known as King Phreedah is a Lagos-based socialite, skincare vendor, and millionaire entrepreneur. 

She’s the CEO of House Of Preedah Bodycare and Spa, a multi-million Naira company located in Surulere, Lagos.

Farida runs one of the biggest conglomerates in Lagos with state-of-the-art facilities. She sells skincare products, has a spa, and salon, and also runs a restaurant, making cool cash daily.

She lives in a beautiful apartment in Lagos and rides luxurious cars. 

The mother of 3 is living her dream life and taking good care of her kids who are her backbone.

Despite having so much money and lovely children, she’s not happy as she needs a man in her life. 


In May 2023, the skincare vendor shared lovely moments with her children and said she will never drink Snipper because of her children.

Farida Sobowale thanked God for taking a bold step in her life, adding that she’s grateful.

She affirmed that she wants to be married and make her husband her best friend so that she won’t have to be entangled with social media friendships.

In conclusion, she noted that her marriage will be permanent.

Sobowale had everything but lacked the love of a man in her life. She’s desperately yearning for it knowing that it will give her peace of mind.

On June 2, 2023, she got married to a Lagos socialite, Demola Okulaja after her failed marriage crashed. It was valued at N100m as top celebrities stormed the occasion. 

The new marriage crashed again barely two months after they walked down the aisle. Since then, she has been nursing suicidal thoughts. 

Farida Sobowale made headlines on August 17, 2023, after she almost jumped into the Lagoon at Third mainland bridge in Lagos. She was sighted by bypassers and was immediately held from plunging into the Lagoon.

Sobowale cited failed marriages among other things that led to her suicidal thoughts. 

Her suicide mission triggered reactions online as celebrities expressed sadness and discomfort. Popular actress, Iyabo Ojo said if she knew she was going to commit suicide she would’t have ended her call with her.

Failed Marriages

King Phreedah has always wanted a man in her life but hasn’t been lucky to find one.

In her sober reflection and after a failed attempt of committing suicide, she noted that friends and families warned her not to go into marriage because her Ex wanted her money but she didn’t listen.

She affirmed that it was love that pushed her into this, adding that her Ex promised that he was going to be with her and make her bear more kids.

Sobowale apologized for making her kids go through this, adding that she wouldn’t have forgiven herself if she had abandoned them after committing suicide.

Farida said she forgives her ex-husband and prayed that God gives him another wife.

Today, Saturday, August 19, 2023, she shared adorable photos of herself and said she’s journeying back to moments that live on as she cherishes memories and smiles. 


Among her cars is the Toyota SUV which cost over 19 million Naira. She also lives in a beautiful edifice in Lagos. 

Fadira Sobowale is the CEO of House Of Phreedah Bodycare and Spa, a parent company that houses brands in beauty, food, fashion and skincare. She’s worth $500,000.

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