Revealed! What Transpired Between Angela Okorie And Uche Elendu That Caused Longtime Beef

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The whole call out on social media started when Uche Elendu marked her 40th birthday a few days ago. Angela Okorie reacted by announcing to the world that she isn’t 40 but 50 and called her a thief.

Angela called her awful names and narrated how evil personified she is. 

Popular faceless blogger Gistlover revealed top secrets afterward that complicated the whole thing.

It was alleged that Angela is bisexual and was sleeping with a married couple and got paid for servicing them. 

Later, the man’s wife found out that her husband was giving Angela too much attention and this triggered the attack as she was riddled with bullets from her head down to her body.

While on sick bed, Uche, who was her bestie, was taking care of her. While doing that, Uche also took photos and videos of her and shared them with popular blogger Stella Dimoko(SDK).

Angela called this evil and wickedness, labeling Uche Elendu a betrayal.

Angela Okorie Called Out Her Estranged Bestie, Uche Elendu With Her Full Chest

This morning, Sunday, July 16, 2023, Angela took to her verified Instagram page to blast Faceless blogger, Gistlover and her former bestie, Uche Elendu.

Angela aka Legit Queen said Gistlover is so dumb and asked why it always talking about pus*sy and d!ck. 

She added that the picture above was her condition when her demonic friend captured her and sent it to ugly blogger, Stella Dimoko and that was why she asked people to insult her.

Reacting to Bisexual allegations, she said 90% of her friends are married(both male and female), and none of her friends could say she snatched their wives or husbands.

Angela further said she doesn’t live a dirty lifestyle, adding that Gistlover should verify before putting nonsense online because it has destroyed many homes and misled people.

Angela ended her post by saying a friend who captured her in a bad condition and sent it to a blogger is not a good friend because she was mocking her in her pain.

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