Edit Your Birthday Message Or Pack Out Of My House- Portable Orders Wife

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Popular singer and songwriter, Portable has ordered his 1st wife, Ewatomi Bewaji to edit her birthday post where she noted that she’s a “Queen Of Herself” without acknowledging him or should get ready to pack out from his house.

Bewaji marked her birthday on April 18, 2024 and praised herself as a Queen without attributing any praise and adoration to her husband. This got to Portable as he raged about it, ordering her to change it with immediate effect.

During his live session on April 19, 2024, he questioned why she said she’s a “Queen of Herself”, adding that she has a King over her. Portable said he has many queens and could substitute her anytime.

He added that most of the friends in her DM and those who relate with her well at various places want to have him.

Ika Of Africa explained that all the friends advising and misleading her want to sleep with him, adding that if she doesn’t do what he instructed, plenty of women will take her place and he will never allow her to return to his mansion. 

Portable affirmed that he’s at liberty to marry as many wives, provided he has the resources to take care of them.

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