Benita Onyiuke Husband, Mom, Twin Sister, Kids, Marriage Life, Family, Latest Movies

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Benita Onyiuke Ugochukwu formerly Benita Akpofe is an exceptionally talented and beautiful actress who has carved a niche for herself in Nollywood since her inception in 2007.

As a young girl who was finding her feet in life, she juggled between modeling and acting and decided to settle for acting as she grew older.

In 2014, Benny contested for the Miss Nigeria Beautiful Pageant(MBGN) representing Benue State.

After she graduated from the University in early 2013, she enrolled for Youth Service. 

She has always been an active and calm actress as she drives her way to the top with her exceptional acting skills, charisma, and beauty. 

Marriage never deterred her from exploring her acting career. 

Although she took a long break after childbirth, but came out strong.

Years back, she got married to Mr. Ugochukwu, a millionaire businessman, and was making babies, hence influenced her decision to stay away from acting.

After giving birth, she decided to give acting a try. 

Currently, Benny is on top of her game and is a sought-after actress in Nollywood.

The actress cum producer is doing so well for herself as a filmmaker. 

Through her production company, Bnit, she has released intriguing movies that have garnered millions of views.

Benita’s trending movie was the one she did with the Nollywood new act, Chike Dike titled “My Kind Of Girl”.

It was released 3 weeks ago and has already reached over 3 Million views on YouTube.

Also, the record-breaking movie hits 2 million views in 2 days, all the way to 3 million views in weeks.

In the movie, Benita plays the role of a classic and reserved lady who doesn’t love the social lifestyle but her friend convinces her to give it a try and she dances to her tune.

One fateful day, she followed her friend to the club, and on their way home, Chidi’s friends threw derogatory words asking her to jump on his bed.

Benny felt embarrassed about it and insulted him as she angrily left the club.

On the other hand, Chike Dike is a cool and collected fellow. 

He doesn’t like clubbing and is a Tech-Savvy. 

He was in a relationship with a lover who didn’t know how to cook and couldn’t do house chores but loved to party.

Chike kept up with her excesses and later got bored of her lifestyle and her lazy attitude.

In the long run, fate brought them together(Chike and Benny) and they fell in love.

Apart from this blockbuster, she has also produced several intriguing movies like Happy Sadness, The Other Room, Every Piece Of My Heart, Pleasures, And Pain 1&2,  Madam And The Maids, As You Are, Temporary Wife, Marriage Certificate, and With Every Heartbeat.

“With Every Heartbeat” was another blockbuster romantic movie starring Nollywood star, Maurice Sam. 

It was released 8 months ago and has reached 3.4 million views on YouTube. 

Apart from her production, she has appeared In other people’s movies, giving exceptional performances. 

Benita Onyiuke Is a cool, calm, and collected lady. She’s a mother of 3 who knows her onions, stays in her lane, and minds her business.

In the entertainment world where celebrities are wrapped around drama and controversy, she keeps a low profile and focuses on her family and making quality movies.


Benita was born May 29, 1991(32), and is a native of Enugwu Ukwu in Anambra State. She’s a movie producer, filmmaker, and screenwriter. She’s blessed with siblings but rarely shares their photos.

Here is a photo of her, her mother, and her siblings on Mother’s Day, March 27, 2023.

Benita Onyiuke Husband

Benita is happily married to Mr. Ugochukwu. She once shared his photos on her Instagram page years ago but now keeps him away from the media.


Benny’s beautiful mom was born on May 4, 1957. She’s age 66. 

Her mother is very strong, hale, and hearty. Looks beautiful in her late 60s. 

Benny doesn’t share photos of her father and nothing is known about him.

Twin Sister

Benita doesn’t have a twin sister but shares a striking resemblance with her bestie, Onyinye Ezeani who lives in the UK.


Benny is blessed with three good-looking children. 

1st child and daughter, Kamdi was born April 10, 2015(age 8). 

2nd child and first son, Manny, born August 11, 2017(age 6). 

3rd is Somkelechukwu, born May 4, 2021(He shares the same birth month and date as his grandma).

The motherly bond is unique as Benita regularly spends quality time with her kids. 

She even takes them on vacation to countries like the UK, South Africa, Turkey, and many others. You can check her Instagram story @Benitaonyiuke for beautiful memories. 

Latest Movies in 2023

Love Perfect

The Other Friend

Trophy Wife

I Choose You

Another Me

Lovers On Payroll and many more

These are intriguing movies with fantastic storylines.


Onyiuke is a very successful actress. 

She runs a clothing store and also owns a production company. 

She has 98,000 YouTube subscribers and has garnered over 7 million views in the last 8 months, earning her thousands of dollars.  She’s worth $200,000.


Over the years, she has bagged scores of awards but her recent award was “Best Nollywood Lead Actress Of The Year” for her role in movie, “Perfect Plan” at Nigeria Achievers Awards 2023.

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