Zubby Is A W!!cked Soul, He Was Junior Pope’s Best Man At His Wedding- Angela Okorie

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Popular actress, songwriter and musician, Angela Okorie has taken to her Instagram story to blast Zubby Michael for not mourning the late Junior Pope, calling him all sorts of names.

Angela recalled that Zubby was Junior Pope’s best man at his wedding and Thunder will str!!ke him, adding that she once told him and Mula that she was going to disgrace them on social media and they should be ready for her.

She added that Zubby was never anyone’s friend and that he was so w!!cked.

She stated that he was so envious and even though he’s number 1, her artist fee is 10 times bigger than his own.

Angela also revealed that the world must see Zubby Michael’s w!!ckedness, adding that he’s a bl@@d $#cking dëm@n who has been doing too much.

The beautiful actress urges people to speak up when they see ëv!!l, adding that Junior Pope was one person she knew well.

She mentioned that he’s a soft and non-problematic guy and a happy soul, adding that he was always about his family.

Angela explained that sometimes it’s not good to be quiet because people will always treat one anyhow.

She noted that people know that she’s one of the best things that have ever happened to the Nollywood Industry but haters will say NO because they saw the glory and the presence she carries.

She further explained that they hate each other in the film industry, adding that she has been po@is@%ned many times by many heartless people in the film industry even before she was shot, which was why she ran away from Nollywood friends.

She reiterated that they all hated her because she was doing well, adding that some of them who couldn’t sing wanted to kill themselves.

Angela affirmed that Junior Pope was her person and that his death was so painful.

She also added that she hates fake people and fake love, adding that people should pray and ask God to open their eyes to see.

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