Uchechi Treasure (Adakirikiri) Boyfriend, Biography, Age, Twin Sister, Origin, Phone Number, Net-worth, Parents, Siblings

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Uchechi Treasure Okonkwo who’s popularly known as Uchechi Treasure (Adakirikiri) is a renowned child actress with the angelic voice of an adult. 

She’s a very talented gospel singer and the most successful child filmmaker in Nollywood. She’s well known for her hit song, Omewo Ya, and the movie, Lingering Pain.

Adakirikiri is a Nigerian kid sensation with the powerful voice of an adult who triggers people off their feet. She’s a loving, respectful, humble, and god-fearing child who’s enjoying the grace of God in her music and acting career.

Uchechi Treasure (Adakirikiri) kick-started her career in the entertainment industry at age 7 in 2016 when she featured in comic indigenous actor Chief Imo’s Comedy series alongside Sister Maggi. 

She started to gain fame as viewers developed an interest in her personality, command of the English language, diction, artistic expression, and humility. The child sensation didn’t stop there as she continued to push herself to stardom.

She launched her gospel musical band and also opened her YouTube channel in 2017. Now, she has over 700,000 subscribers, making her the most-followed child actress on the digital streaming platform and the most successful.

Her YouTube channel is home to many intriguing and educational stories and fans can’t get enough of it as they flood her channel daily for new releases.

So far, Adakirikiri has over 280 videos including films and music videos and her movies garnered millions of views a few weeks after release, receiving massive reviews and positive remarks from her global audience.

Some of her latest movies are Greener On The Other Side, Sithera, A Week Away, My Co-Wife, Beyond Your Eye, A Stab In The Back, Monalisa, Interlocked Fate, Anything For Her, Bleeding Butterfly, The Man In Her Life, Fighting Self, Sweet Pill and many more.

Uchechi has worked with hundreds of top-notch Nigerian and Ghanaian celebrities and is adored for her respectfulness and humility.

Apart from her movie production company, she has featured in other people’s projects. She’s a sought-after child actress and is very bankable, that’s why so many filmmakers love to work with her.

In addition, she’s a fantastic role interpreter and a versatile actress who can play any character given to her.

One of her recent features titled Helena’s Quest alongside Angel Unigwe and other amazing Child actors and actresses which was released in December 2023, had already hit 1.8m views.

Uchechi Treasure (Adakirikiri) wastes no time in bowing to greet her elders and also expressing undiluted love for them on set; this has endeared her to her audience as they attribute her humility to the source of her growth in Nollywood.

Furthermore, Uchechi Treasure (Adakirikiri) is a wonderful gospel singer and has released several melodic songs to the glory of God which have garnered millions of views on YouTube. She’s one of the souls that God is using to spread his word and win people over to salvation.

She’s notable for soul-lifting songs like Omewo Ya, I Bow, Powerful Name, and Okeosisi. Watch them all on her YouTube channel via Adakirikiri TV .

The talented teen actress also did a cover song for Moses Bliss’ Too Faithful with her Grandma, Mrs Blessing Okonkwo and it received massive reviews from a global audience. 

Uchechi Treasure (Adakirikiri) is seen as one of the most decent child actresses in Nollywood and one of the most successful. With millions of views on her YouTube channel monthly, she rakes in thousands of dollars into her pocket.

Uchechi Treasure with Angel Unigwe on movie set

The Nigerian kid sensation is currently in Senior Secondary school and lives with her parents in Owerri, Imo State.

Uchechi Treasure (Adakirikiri) is a phenomenal child actress who has broken the barrier associated with filmmaking by sailing through the digital streaming world and building a formidable online space for her dedicated audience.

She has collaborated with hundreds of A-list actors to promote her brand(a YouTube channel of 782,000 subscribers), a feat (achievement) that many took years to achieve, which she achieved at age 12.

Uchechi Treasure (Adakirikiri) is a rising star and has so much to do, and to offer, in life. The sky is her starting point as she keeps exploring what life has to offer her. Greatness is her calling.

Uchechi Treasure (Adakirikiri) Biography

Uchechi Treasure Okonkwo was born to Mr and Mrs Okonkwo on October 12, 2009, in Owerri, Imo State. She’s a native of Imo State and currently lives with her parents. She’s currently in Senior Secondary School.

Since she was very little(age 5), she has been active in her church’s children’s department as she engaged in various singing and drama activities. 

She began her career professionally in 2016 in Chief Imo’s comedy series and since then, she has been doing well for herself.

Adakirikiri Father/Mother/Siblings/ Family

Adakirikiri was born to Mr and Mrs Okonkwo and has siblings but doesn’t share their photos online. She only shares photos of her grandma, Mrs Blessing Okonkwo.


She’s age 14 and is too young to be in a relationship let alone have a relationship conversation. She’s more focused on her education and promoting her brand. She has resumed for the year 2024 and will be busy with school activities.

Real Age

As of October 12, 2023, she was 14 years old.

State Of Origin/Tribe(Where Is Adakirikiri From)

She’s a native of Owerri, Imo State

Is Adakirikiri A Twin

No, she’s not but shares a bit of resemblance with her soul sister, Queen Sapphire Ekeng, a popular child actress.

Uchechi Treasure(Adakirikiri) Phone Number

She doesn’t share her phone number with the public but you can contact her management via 08132318116. 

You can also follow her on Instagram via Uchetreasure_ for the latest updates about her. 


She’s worth $100,000. She lives in her mansion in Owerri, Imo State and her parents ride her luxurious cars. Uchechi Treasure (Adakirikiri) is too young to control any assets as everything is in her parents’ care.

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