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Wofai Ewa Fada who’s popularly known as Wofai Fada wasn’t born with a silverpoon while growing up as she experienced hardship but was determined to succeed through the effective use of her talents.

As a child, he was called a clown because she was so fun.

Wofai is a skit-maker, comedienne, food vendor, TV presenter, show host, entrepreneur, and actress. She’s the CEO of Just Afang and Yogiegee Lounge in Ikoyi, Lagos State. She’s also a TV presenter on the Super Picks Show of Supersport TV.

She has a cookbook on Amazon titled “Yogiegee Culture” and has also uploaded videos on YouTube on cooking.

Wofai Fada is a native of Ugep Yakurr in Calabar, Cross River State. She attended Government Girl College and later proceeded University Of Calabar where she studied Theatre Arts; This was against her father’s wish as he wanted her to be a medical doctor.

Throughout her life journey, she exhibited resilience, hard work, and perseverance while putting God first in everything she did.

After she graduated from the University, her father expected her to secure a job, unknowing to them that, Wofai Fada had other plans in mind.

The comedienne moved to Lagos and didn’t have anywhere to stay. According to her, any money she got then, she saved as she didn’t want to go to her early days when she suffered, noting that she hated poverty.

In Lagos, she hosted several small shows and was active in skit-making on Instagram. She never knew she would go viral on Instagram and was just doing it for fun but to her surprise, she was immediately accepted in 2014 and gained recognition in the entertainment industry.

Her first hosting job was at the MTN Lovers Ball in 2015.

Wofai Fada has appeared in several movies including Ebonylife’s Oloture in 2019 where she played Sandra, which was distributed on Netflix and given massive acceptance globally.

She also played “Sandra” in My Flatmates alongside veteran actors and comedians like Okey Bakassi and Basketmouth.

Wofai Fada later backed out of the TV series due to multiple hustles that were almost telling on her mental health. She was running a Restaurant business with over 30 staff plus 4 other hustles which didn’t enable her to be consistent on the TV series.

However, it was a painful exit according to her and she wishes to come back soon as she also missed her character as “Sandra” in “My Flatmates”.

Wofai Fada engaged in multiple hustles because she needed to pay plenty of bills. She was in high demand and had to prioritize her needs and career while maintaining proper mental health.

Celebrities who looked down on the entrepreneur and her abilities are now her colleagues.

Wofai Fada is a multi-talented Gem with exceptional acting and presentation ability. She’s currently one of the hosts of the “Super Picks” show on SuperSport TV.

She’s very rich and blessed with a wealth of experience that has made her stand out among her peers. When she bought her Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, many insinuated she was being sponsored by a man.

The actress noted that in this part of the world, people attribute women’s successes to unwholesome things adding that attributing her success to God would have been better, not a man, as God has been keeping her moving in life.

According to Wofai Fada, she’s high on good health and peace and money is not it for her. This was due to so much stress she faced while engaging in over 5 hustles while still starring in “My Flatmates”.

The TV presenter preferred to keep her relationship private till she announced marriage. 

Some years ago, she said she had been in many failed relationships and breakups and if she was posting her lover online regularly, she would still delete multiple times, giving the public irrelevant topics to feed on.

Regarding Butt surgery, she said she’s not against those that do it but personally she doesn’t like to inflict pain on her body. 

She affirmed that the only thing that would likely inflict pain on her, which she would gladly accept was childbearing. Also, removing fat from her stomach after childbirth would be necessary for her to keep fit during marriage. 

Wofai Fada Biography/Wikipedia

Wofai Ewa who’s popularly known as Wofai Fada was born May 11, 1990, to Mr and Mrs Ewa in Ugep Yakurr, Cross River State. She’s the third child of five siblings.


Wofai Fada tied the knot with Taiwo Cole, a Lagos State socialite and the royal family of Victoria Island traditionally on Saturday, May 4, 2024.

This marriage was against Taiwo Cole’s family’s wish but he went ahead with it. Taiwo affirmed after the traditional marriage on his Instagram page that he has found a good wife and there’s no going back.

Wofai Fada’s husband Taiwo Cole according to her father-in-law Engineer Kunle Cole was 30. He’s from the royal family. Taiwo Cole is a hospitality Consultant, Internal Control, and Marine Consultant.

His father in a viral audio clip stated reasons why his family never supported their marriage.

He claimed that Wofai was 38 and his son was 30. He also said it was barely 8 months since they knew each other and they knew nothing about Wofai and her family.

Furthermore, his son didn’t consult the royal family before the wedding and they didn’t accept his wife as one of them. Wofai is said to be 3 or 4 months pregnant already.


Wofai Fada with her sister, Mariam Ewa’s children

Wofai Fada tied the knot with Taiwo Cole on Saturday, May 4, 2023, and doesn’t have a child yet but is a few months pregnant.

Real Age(How Old Is Wofai Fada?)

She was born on May 11, 1990. She announced her real age on May 11, 2020, thanking God for her achievements.

Origin(Where Is Wofai Fada From?/Tribe)

She’s a native of Ugep in Cross River State. Ugep is a unit of the Yakurr community and they natives speak the Lokaa language.


Wofai Fada and her sister, Mariam Ewa

She was born to Mr and Mrs Ewa and has 5 siblings


She’s the CEO of Just Afang and Yogiegee, a food and lounge enterprise in the highbrow area of Lagos. 


She’s worth $1 million. Wofai Fada travels out of the country frequently during pleasure. She also rides luxurious cars, including the latest Range Rover, Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, and many more.

In addition, the beautiful skit-maker works with Africa’s biggest sports TV, Supersport TV as its TV presenter. Follow her via her official Instagram handle @Wofaifada

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