Meet Nonso Diobi: Actor Who Lives A Private Life

Nonso Diobi aka Nonny is an ace actor who has graced our TV screens for over 20 years. He’s well known for living a private life and is among those that don’t get involved in controversies as he loves to mind business. Do you want to know more about Nonso Diobi, seat back and get a cup of coffee as I’m about to take you on a long trip.

According to Wikipedia, he was born on July 17, 1976. Although he promised to reveal his real age on his birthday 2 years ago, he didn’t. He’s definitely in his 40s. Many have always wondered why he’s still single despite being of age to marry. The answer is not far-fetched. This is because he doesn’t want to rush into marriage. Following Ini Edo’s crashed marriage in 2014, it was alleged that Nonso Diobi showed interest in her.

According to the interview he had with Ynaija, he noted that he doesn’t want to rush into marriage because it’s a lifetime contract. He stated that he won’t want to rush into something that he will regret later, adding that the ladies of today are nothing to write home about.

In 2016, Nonso had an accident that almost took his life. During this period, he discovered that many he thought were his friends weren’t real to him. Nonso noted that God allows things to happen to good people just to show them who their real friends are. Nonso further said there’s no love and support amongst actors in Nollywood, adding that when he tried to reach out to people during his predicament, they didn’t care about him and never showed up.

How Nonso Diobi Raised Stars In Nollywood

The last time Nonso Diobi made headlines was on his birthday in 2019. Yul Edochie took to his official social media handle to appreciate him for being part of his success story. He noted that Nonso housed and fed him when he came to Lagos in 2005 for movie roles. He said he met him on set and according to him, Nonny was already a star then. They connected well while on set and Nonso told him to come and stay in his house because it’s close to the movie location and from there he will meet other movie stars and get bigger gigs.

Yul said Nonso gave him a place to stay, fed him, and never complained, adding that he can never forget what he did for him.

Another actor that succeeded with the help of Nonso was Walter Anga. In the early 2000s, Walter moved from Rivers State to Enugu in search of movie roles and met Nonso who introduced him to a couple of filmmakers. These are the few I know but he’s a kind-hearted and easy-going person who always loves to help people.

Is Nonso Still Active In Nollywood?

Nonso is very active in Nollywood but doesn’t feature in movies regularly like before. He rarely comes on social media. You hardly know his moves, unlike other celebrities who regularly post their activities and lifestyle online. Oftentimes, many ask for his whereabouts, noting that they don’t always see him in movies like before. Nonso is a veteran in Nollywood and is still appreciated by those that know his worth.

On July 6, 2022, he traveled to the US, and on January 20, 2023, he was on set of the movie, “The Impasse” with top actors like John Badaiki, Clarion Chukwura, Snow White, and Jibola Dabo. The movie is produced by Doris Ogala and directed by Austin Faani.

Does He Have children?

Nonso is not married and doesn’t have children.

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