Nollywood K?lled Junior Pope, He Never Achieved Anything For 30 Years As An Actor- Frank Tana

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Nigerian actor and hotelier, Frank Tana has taken to his official social media handle to affirm that Nollywood k?lled Junior Pope.

Frank noted that JP was frustrated and most people posting his photos contributed to his death as they weren’t giving him jobs.

Tana said Junior Pope’s acting career spanned over 30 years and he didn’t have anything to show for it.

He added that he couldn’t live a comfortable life as a famous actor as he wasn’t given jobs but was able to build his mansion due to the money he made from skit-making on Facebook.

Frank also noted that billionaire, E-money bought the car he was driving, adding that the only producer that gave him jobs is Ikechukwu aka Pressing Forward.

Tana lamented that he if was getting jobs regularly he wouldn’t have settled for less to shoot a film in the Anam rivers.

He also noted that the world sees him as an A-list actor but his career was dead as producers were no longer starring him in their movies.

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