Junior Pope Refused To Wear Life Jacket Because It Was Dirty- Producer, Adanma Luke

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Popular filmmaker and producer, Adanma Luke Juliet via a long Instagram live video affirmed that Junior Pope was given a life jacket but regretted it because it was dirty.

Adanma said during the production Junior Pope called her and said actor TC Okafor(a survivor) said he was coming to scatter her set because she didn’t pay him money for the job.

Juliet also noted that it was the same thing TC Okafor did on her movie set in 2021.

The chubby actress said life jackets were available at the riverbank as his director, Emeka, and some other people picked theirs but Junior Pope didn’t because the life jackets were dirty.

She affirmed that everyone who wore life jackets survived and after the boat capsized, a gallon was thrown to Junior Pope as he was still active in the waters checking on everyone while they were inside the water but all of a sudden he drowned.

In another video, Adanma said Junior Pope and his wife are her friends and that it was the first time he worked with him.

She noted that his wife queried him for not giving her husband jobs and when she(Adanma) spoke to JP, she said he only does action movies and that she(Adanma) isn’t into action films then JP said he can play any kind of role apart from action such as romance and love.

Since this video surfaced online, Netizens have reacted to it giving their views.

@Tinytobi, “Quite sad that the dead can’t defend themselves. In his last video he literally said there was no provision for a life jacket! He was aware of the danger and he tagged you. It is well”.

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