Holy Spirit Told Me To Quit School- Lady Refuses Funke Akindele’s Offer To Sponsor Education

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During a live session on Tiktok, a lady and her mother refused popular actress, Funke Akindele’s offer to sponsor her education.

Despite Funke Akindele’s juicy offer to upgrade the Young lady’s life, she refused blatantly, affirming that the Holy Spirit said she shouldn’t go to school.

In a video that captured the lady and her mother, the young lady said the Holy Spirit said she shouldn’t go to School and she didn’t go, adding that she obeyed the Holy Spirit commandment.

She also noted that the Holy Spirit personally told her not to go to School and (then) she told her mother and her mother accepted.

The Young Lady explained that School is not heaven and that it consists of the good and the bad.

She further said she doesn’t know what God is protecting her from and that God who created School is the one who is talking to her.

The Lady added that she’s so happy to believe God words, advising those who have not finished school to build up their talents and market them on social media.

She said if anyone wishes to continue schooling, it’s their wish and those that didn’t go shouldn’t think it’s the end of the world, adding that the Kingdom of God is the end.

She also added that she didn’t condemn school but people should make sure that they build their talent.

The mother said she was happy that everyone was on their live session and their happiness was that they were bold in the Holy Spirit.

She(mother) also added that the Holy Spirit directed them, not the devil, and that they are proclaiming the Holy Spirit around the world.

The mother also noted that since the Government made it compulsory for the people to study English, they should all include the three major languages(Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba) in the Education syllabus for people to study.

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