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Eronini Osinachi is a popular commercial model, actor, lifestyle influencer, and fashion model who’s currently dominating the Nollywood industry.

Eronini kick-started his journey to Nollywood with Ruth Kadiri’s hit movie, Mannerless in September 2023, after a major success in his commercial modeling career. He has worked with top international brands like Coca-Cola, Golden Penny Paste, Oraimo, and Heineken. 

Just like Chike Dike, the handsome actor is one of the hottest guys on the block in the film industry. 

Since his exceptional performance in the movie, “Mannerless” which has now garnered over 8 million views on YouTube, ladies can seem to get their eyes off him and filmmakers have had him on their lists for movie making.

On Instagram, many ladies call him their future husband. He’s very handsome and successful. 

Osinachi is well known for playing romantic roles. Some of the recent movies in 2023 are Falling For You, Boys To Men, Bees And Honey, and First Sight. He has played romantic roles with top trending actresses on YouTube like Stefania Bassey and Genevieve Edwin.

Apart from his acting gigs which he earns good money from, Osinachi earns millions of Naira for commercial modeling. 

On August 13, 2023, his mother, Mrs OC Eronini was featured in his Golden Penny commercial advert. It was so beautiful how he expressed love to his mother, calling her his hero for raising him well.

His acting skill is top-notch and can fit into any character given to him by movie producers and directors.

He’s good friends with fellow emerging actor, Chike Dike and they have appeared in several movies together. He’s also good friends with popular content creators like Susan Pwajok, Enioluwa, Ifeoluwa Ogunjebe, and John Merry.

Eronini is the next big thing in Nollywood as his charming look and amazing personality endeared him to his global audience. He’s living his dream life and also doing one of the things he loves most, which is acting.

Eronini Osinachi’s parents


Eronini Osinachi was born on March 5, 1999(age 24) in Lagos to Mr and Mrs OC Eronini but he’s a native of Imo State. He has 5 siblings and currently attends the University of Lagos.  

Girlfriend (Eronini Osinachi And Moymo Breakup)

In 2020, Osinachi was in a relationship with the popular content creator, Fadeke Adesunloye aka Moymo. Their relationship happened by chance as Moymo saw Osinachi on social media via her friend’s social media page. She later slide into his DM and they chatted.

As fate will have it, they didn’t know they attended the same school, the University of Lagos, and bumped into each other at the campus not knowing that Eronini was the one Fadeke chatted with on Facebook some months ago.

Their relationship was so beautiful and they were dubbed “The Hottest Young Couple” in the entertainment industry. Currently, they are no longer together. The handsome actor has been spotted with beautiful female content creators like John Merry and Agbahiwe Stella Amarachi.

Eronini has played romantic roles with emerging actresses like Genevieve Edwin, Stefania Bassey, Faith Duke, Angel Unigwe, and many others. His latest romantic movie with teen actress Angel Unigwe tilted “The One Who Stolen My Heart” garnered 1 million views on Wednesday, January 3, 2023 which was 11 days after its release.

Left, Eronini with Genevieve Edwin on movie set, Middle, Eronini with John Merry, Right, Eronini with Stella Amarachi


As of March 5, 2023, he was 24.


He’s a native of Imo State.


Osinachi is worth $10,000. He lives in an expensive apartment in the highbrow area of Lagos and rides exotic cars.

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