Child Labor: How Regina Daniels Helped 14-year-old Girl She Met On Movie Set

Child Labor: How Regina Daniels Helped 14-year-old Girl She Met On Movie Set

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Some hours ago, popular actress and entrepreneur, Regina Daniels took to her verified Instagram page to raise alarm at the rate of child labor in Nollywood. She finds it displeasing that many celebrities would be on a movie set and see underage children doing several jobs and not caution them or assist them in any way they can.

In a 9-minute video, Regina narrated how she spotted an underage 14-year-old make-up artist on a movie set and how she took her in and took good care of her.

Regina said on a fateful day on a movie set, she met a young girl who asked if she needed a mirror. Then, she looked at her and asked who she was, and the young girl replied by saying she was a make-up artist.

Regina asked where she was from and asked about her parent and her age. Then, the young girl replied again by saying she was from Port Harcourt and is 14 years old. Gina asked why she was there when she was supposed to be at school and asked who her boss was. Then, she responded by saying she came to hustle.

Gina later saw her boss(a young man) and asked when she started working for him, then he said she(the young girl) recently started working for him.

The beautiful entrepreneur(Regina) said she was ready to help her, and train her up to the University level. She asked if she will go and meet her parents in Port Harcourt and she said NO.

Furthermore, Gina asked where she lives in Asaba and she said she sleeps in Hotels. Then, she asked who she sleeps with and she said she begs any random person(man or woman), she meets for accommodation.

Gina later asked if those people(men) she slept with in hotels tried to touch her or having se.xual intercourse with her and she said Yes, but she always runs away.

Regina ensured she notified the police of the happening and enrolled her into an expensive boarding school in Asaba, Delta State.

According to Regina, she was supposed to be in JSS 3 but was placed in JSS 1 and is doing excellently in her studies.

Gina warned that underage girls are always at the mercy of society and that they must be protected. She reiterated that we should say No to child labor, adding that some celebrities went through a lot before they became stars.

She said some of the producers and movie crew always want to sleep with those girls, adding that they will offer them jobs and lure them into sleeping with them.

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