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Bolaji Ogunmola who was originally named “Omobolaji” Ogunmola meaning “Child Brought Wealth”, is a multi-talented dark-skinned actress, filmmaker, entrepreneur, and content creator.

In December 2023, she was listed among the “Actor Of The Year” with a 96% rating by Lagos Magazine.

Also, On February 15, 2024, the voluptuous actress emerged among the Top 100 Most Influential People To The Growth And Greatness Of Nollywood.

It wasn’t rocket science as she worked hard for it while earning her place as one of the most bankable and influential young actresses in the film industry.

While growing up, Mobolaji never knew she was going to act. She couldn’t sing but had a feeling that she was going to be in the Entertainment/Nollywood industry. She never knew how she could start and never knew her purposes but just felt she would do well as an entertainer.

At age 16, while in Secondary School, she was like a square peg in a round hole trying to figure out what to do with her life. Things started making sense a bit when she was called to act as “Sister Esther” in the Church as she delivered her part exceptionally great.

Also, when she was at the University of Ilorin, she skipped classes to attend auditions.

Bolaji kick-started her career in 2013 after she participated in “The Next Movie Star Reality Show”. She made her professional debut in “Okon Goes To School”, and since then, she has remained consistent while learning and unlearning to make herself better at her craft.

Bolaji affirmed during her interview with Pulse TV, on May 5, 2024, that many people in the Nollywood industry looked down on her, telling her that she couldn’t make it. This made her get better at her craft while unlearning to relearn and also equipping herself with the necessary skills to excel.

Bolaji expressed disappointment at her condemnation during her early years as an actress, noting her they should have focused on how to get her started and running while harnessing her potential rather than condemning her.

The actress has starred in scores of movies in the last 7 years and has doubled as a filmmaker and producer.

According to her, she never knew she could get this far and wasn’t acting for the money. She had a natural passion and urge for her craft and wanted to entertain her viewers while impacting their lives.

Bolaji Ogunmola is a brilliant performer with excellent track records in several movies that swept fans off their feet.

Her body language, charisma, and feminine figure are a plus to her acting skills. She connects to her character naturally and invokes her emotions to fit her role while entertaining her viewers.

Bolaji has been stereotyped as playing only sensual roles but dismissed such claims noting that she has acted in several other roles. 

Due to her attractive physique, many project sensual roles on her, and according to her, she’s just professional in her job and is not a sensual person in reality.

Bolaji delivered a top-notch performance in Ebonylife production, “Iyawo Mi”(My Wife) where she was embodied with hallucinations of several spiritual elements that distorted her life.

She played the lead character in the film and gave a magnetic performance that cemented her craft with honor and integrity.

According to her, actors are observers, and most of the roles they play sometimes affect their lives.

Ogunmola affirmed that her role in “Iyawo Mi” took a downturn in her life and messed up her entire mental health. Then, she was living with her mother and felt so dull and irritated. She didn’t want to make her hair and was indoors all through while also gaining so much weight but she had to remind herself that it was just a movie and needed to let go to have a better life with good mental health. 

She also appeared in Africa Magic’s “Slum King” and has now taken over YouTube with her intriguing and entertaining movies.

With her YouTube channel of over 70,000 subscribers, Bolaji has projected her stories to the world while garnering millions of views and entertaining her audiences. 

Some of her hit movies are “The Art Of Letting Go” with Eso Dike, “Imperfect Match” with IK Ogbonna, “Searching” with Kie Kie and Eso Dike, and “True Colors”.

She starred in “Work It Out” with BBN’s Saga and Stan Nze, “Love Dinner” with Ben Touitou, “After Divorce” with Onyii Alex and Maurice Sam, and many others.

Starting a production company was something she believed she couldn’t do but she has pushed herself beyond her “perceived limits” and has had tremendous success.

She’s the producer and executive producer of “Ajosepo” which premiered in both Nigeria and the UK in April 2024.  Also, she played, “Mary” in the film.

Bolaji Ogunmola is a rave of the moment and is in a class of her own. Acting is more impacting and entertaining for her while teaching life lessons just as Pastors use the altar to preach the word of God.

According to her, she can be controversial to gain fame but just wants to impact lives with her craft.

She’s naturally beautiful, creative, and successful. Apart from acting, she’s also a full-time YouTuber and producer. She lives in the highbrow area of Lagos.

Bolaji Ogunmola Biography (Who’s Bolaji Ogunmola?)

Omobolaji Ogunmola was born on April 21 1990s in Ebute Metta, Lagos but is a native of Ibadan, Oyo State. She’s from the lineage of the “Bashorun Ogunmola” and is an “Omo Onilu” meaning the child of the drummer.

The dark-skinned actress had her primary school education in Lagos and left for Ibadan for her Secondary School education.

After her secondary school education, she proceeded to the University of Ilorin for her bachelor’s degree in Theatre Art and also honed her acting skills at the Royal Arts Academy in Lagos.


Bolaji Ogunmola with Eso Dike in the film “The Art Of Letting Go”

Bolaji is currently single and has revealed that she’s not searching. According to her, she’s an independent lady who works hard for her money. This page will be updated when she ties the knot.

Children(Does Bolaji Ogunmola Have A Child?)

She’s not married and doesn’t have children


Bolaji loves to keep her family away from the media. Nothing is known about them but she revealed on May 5, 2024, that she was staying with her mother, Mrs. Ogunmola when the role she acted in “Iyawo Mi” took a downturn on her mental health and had to stay at home for a long while feeling dull and irritated.

Real Age(How Old Is Bolaji Ogunmola?)

She was born on April 21 in the 1990s and is in her early 30s.

State Of Origin(Where Is She From?/Tribe)

She’s a native of Ibadan, Oyo State, from a drummer family in Ibadan, and is Yoruba.

Is Bolaji Ogunmola Related To Peju Ogunmola?

No, they only bear the same surname but they are not related by blood. Peju Ogunmola is a native of Ekiti State while Bolaji hails from Oyo State.


She’s worth $200,000 and lives in the highbrow area of Lagos. She often travels out of the country during leisure.

Bolaji Ogunmola strikes lovely poses with her cars

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